Monday, June 21, 2010

How can i apply liquid eyeliner without looking scary?

I want to be able to apply liquid eyeliner without looking scary. Can anyone help me?How can i apply liquid eyeliner without looking scary?
practice makes perfect. do a thinner line so you don't look trashy. take your brush can apply it as close to your lashes as possible. people look ridiculous when there's space between their lashes and liquid liner.How can i apply liquid eyeliner without looking scary?
Pull up on your upper lid with your left hand, and brush it barely right over your lashes, making sure there are no gaps. Hold it for a second so it can dry, then let go. Do the same with the other eye, and for the lower part, pull down on your eye a little bit, you can either apply the eyeliner above, or below the lash line. I have to do it above, cuz I majorly screw it up if I try below.

This is one of those things that practice might just be what you need to get it down.

Good luck!
stick to a veryy thin line. dont use too much. the trick is to try and apply it just once, cause if you keep applying and messing with it trying to make it better if actually comes out worse.

use a thin shadow brush to lighten the color a little too, maybe like a weak black :)

Take a look at this:鈥?/a>

it took me ages to write out so i'm not going to write it out again, but there is a lot of tips on liquid eyeliner there
You could get it done in somewhere like selfridges or boots and they will show you how to do it properly, then you can try it for youself.
Apply a little bit around the outside of your eyelid. Not to close to your eye otherwise it can get into your eye and turn it black for a short while.
dont use liquid its too dificult an eye pencil looks way better
try this site and watch the tutorials
idk i h8 wearing eyeliner its makes my eyes itch! :/ but good question!

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