Monday, June 21, 2010

How do I get my eyeliner to be perfect?

Whenever I try it on in the bathroom I look like I was just in a horror movie. I want to look pretty, not severe.How do I get my eyeliner to be perfect?
here's a video it should show u what u need to know鈥?/a>How do I get my eyeliner to be perfect?
To not look so severe don't use black eyeliner. Use bronze or an olive khaki coloured liner. Don't line the bottom lashes, only the top. When you are lining start with a thinner line in the inner corner of your upper lid then gradually get a bit thicker with the line. Use a sponge tip applicator to smudge the line so it looks natural.
well is just practice! when i start to use eyeliner i looked like a zombie!

and try to use pencil eyeliner its better!

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try shorter strokes instead of doing the whole line at once. also keep q-tips handy to fix a mess up.
use a eyeliner pencil its easier to get off and it wont mess up like the liquid kind

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