Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the best type of eyeliner that is REALLY HARD to get off?

Every eyeliner I have used has come off so easy and has easily started to fade/smear/flake off in 1-2 hours. What type/brand of eyeliner is long lasting and hard to remove? Because me eyeliner just doesn't want to stay on.What is the best type of eyeliner that is REALLY HARD to get off?
I have really small eyelids so I had same problem. I use MAC's fluidline. It's a gel substance liner, way better then liquid liner(very runny and takes forever to dry). I use that for my upper lid and a good liner for the waterline(bottom) I use MAC's Technakohl eyeliner. Both require makeup remover. They're a lil pricey but still affordable. Like they get what you pay for.What is the best type of eyeliner that is REALLY HARD to get off?
I use Avon Glimmersticks, the waterproof ones last a little longer but the regular ones as well, I have to remember to completely remove it at night or I'll have smeared liner on the next day because it last that long. The makeup remover that Avon Offers works great to remove it!

There are 6 regular colors

Blackest Black (C), Cosmic Brown (W), Emerald (W) (S), Majestic Plum (C), Saturn Grey (C), Starry Night Blue (S) (C),

And 9 Waterproof Colors

Black Raincoat (C), Bronzy Wave (S) (W), Chocolate Splash (W), Deep Sea Blue (C), Diamond Eyes (S) (C), Eyelight Pink (S) (C), Harbour Grey (S) (C), Perfectly Plum (C), Sea Green (W)

(C) - Cool

(W) Warm

(S) - Shimmer
The ';clingiest'; eyeliner is that which is made using latex. If you look at some theatrical make up sites, you should be able to find some!
Almay's ';Amazing I-liner';: 16-hour LIQUID eyeliner (0.1 oz or 2.9 ml). For the top lid only. Apply a thick coat and let it dry completely. Do something else while it's drying so that you don't get impatient.

Once it's dry, It may look too thick and dark, but you can make it look as light and thin as you want by applying eye shadow on top of it.

Occasionally I've fallen asleep with it on, and when I woke up in the morning my upper eyelids were still well-lined.

Other eyeliners that worked as well made my eyes itch after they've been on for @12 hours.

Almay is relatively inexpensive, too.

I take it off with simple cold cream, then wash the cold cream off with water, it's actually pretty fast to remove that way.
try loreal waterproof self advancing eyeliner. its great. i also agree with other people about mac.
loreal water proof, maybelline, wet and wild are my all time favorites :)
I use eye liner from Avon it is the best. They are making water proof eyeliners now too. It lasts all day on me and sometimes till the morning if I'm too tired to wash my face before I go to bed.
mac eyeliner stays on really good! i love it. the make up is kind of expensive but its definitely worth it and will last all day
try prestige they're awEsOME!!
L'oreal Lineur Intense.
If, and only if, you are certain that you want eyeliner that lasts forever, then go to a good tattoo parlor, they do it there. Eyebrows as well.
i use revlon and its the nonsharpiner 1 it stays on 4 like 2 or 3 days and totalyy water proof
MAC Fluidline. It's $15. Comes in a small pot and you put it on with an angled eye brush, or a lipstick brush. It's really hard to remove! Just don't leave the top unscrewed or it'll dry up!
the best eyeliner would be the NYC brand. it stays on all day.

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