Monday, June 21, 2010

How do I keep my eyeliner from smearing?

I always seem to have trouble keeping my eyeliner from smearing under my eyes. A few hours into the day, it looks horrible. Is it the type of eyeliner, the brand, or how I'm applying it. I don't have lots of money to spend on makeup, so the cheaper the better. I usually shop at Sephora or Target. Right now, I'm using a black pencil by Rimmel.How do I keep my eyeliner from smearing?
I would suggest using a finishing powder under your eyes and on the lids too. This hopefully should reduce the smearing.

Try Cover girl's perfect point eyeliner, its about $5. I use the color -onyx black. Its the best black eyeliner I've ever used. I won't use anything else.

Hope this helps and Good luck!How do I keep my eyeliner from smearing?
After applying your pencil eye liner - go over it with the same eyeshadow colors (if you're using a black pencil liner use a black e/s...if you're using a blue pencil liner use a blue e/s and etc...) The eyeshadow will help set the pencil liner and help it from smearing + it last longer throughout the day.

If you're applying a liquid eye liner, you can track it over with an e/s but it is optional since liquid tend to stay in place more then pencil liner.

Hope this helps!
i had the same problem as you until i started using the mac ';powerpoint'; eyeliner. it never smudges and it always stays on.

It's about 14 bucks i believe, but it is worth the money.

If you cant spend too much money, and have to use drugstore brands, i would suggest using an eyeshadow that matches the eyeliner and gently brush a little over the liner to help it stay in place.

i hope i could help :)

good luck!!
I wish I had an answer, but I have the same problem. It doesn't matter what type I use. Even if I line the top lid only, in a few hours it's underneath my eyes all smudged. I have done the powder trick, but nothing helps. The best liner I have found is Merle Norman's, but I still have to check my eyes every so many hours and clear any smudges.

It must be something in our skin is all I can figure.
Well what I do is i use urban decay eyeliner in zero $16.00 on my upper lids and then i apply a liquid eyeliner from maybeline cost me about 6 bucks and trust me it doesn't smudge off I could basically sleep with it and wake up looking the same. Hope this truly helps.
Try putting a skin colored powder under eyes (like a pressed powder or such). It should stop your eyeliner from running.
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