Monday, June 21, 2010

What kinda and How much eyeliner should I put on for 8th grade to not look like a $lut?

I am in 7th right now, I have no eyeliner on because I am only 12.

What kind of eye liner would be good and helpful to me to look more pretty but to not look like a $lut?

How much eyeliner should I put on my eyes?

Thanks for the help! =)What kinda and How much eyeliner should I put on for 8th grade to not look like a $lut?
with a name like hannah, youre already a slutWhat kinda and How much eyeliner should I put on for 8th grade to not look like a $lut?
I wouldn't say you'd ';look like a slut'; with too much on. That's a matter of opinion. I'd just say you'd look...different. I'd start of wearing it light....not much. As you get used to it, and get a little older, then experiment with it more.
you're too young for this now, but try using just alittle mascara instead of the eyeliner. also, some nice rosy gloss for the lips. eyeliner is a bit much for 8th grade and daytime hours, anyway. enjoy your youth and young beauty. keep it clean, simple and fresh.
Something that is noticeable, but looks relatively natural. Choose a slightly lighter shade for eyeshadow (or another colour, just make sure it's not lurid) and another natural-looking shade of lipgloss and you should look fine. Trick is to make it noticeable, but not too noticeable.
I agree with Sharonna, ship the liner, use mascara. You can't go wrong with lashes and a little lip gloss.
any black eyeliner is good. just put it on the inside of your eye. on the bottom. a thin line, not soo it's REALLY noticable, but noticable enough.

you won't look like a slut, atleast i didn't.

i think you'll look pretty! %26lt;33
well i think you should start with pencil eyeliner NEVER put liquid eyeliner in the rims. well im not sure about what sorta eyeliner, i think start with a well known brand i prefer small eyeliners so you dont make a mess but its up to you i think black wont really look slutty it looks nice.dont put too much or you`ll probaly smudge it. heres a video how to apply eyeliner and it shows you other things you can do with your eyes AND EVERYTHING the links in the source.

Im glad to be helping.
maxfactor fine liner, it creates really sexy thin lines
Why use eyeliner, mascara will be just fine for a girl your age.

Just a small amount and a little lip gloss, that's all you need.
Don't use liquid eyeliner, it will be too heavy and noticeable for your age. Go with a soft pencil in either brown or gray. Put it just on the bottom outside and smudge it a little bit. Cover Girl sells a pencil that comes with a little ';smudger'; on the other side.

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