Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you get a good result with eyeliner?

Everytime I apply liquid eyeliner (I use Almay Eyeliner) to my top lid, the line becomes very thick. The liner applicator itself is quite stiff and thick, maybe I should use something else? But nevertheless, how do you get a thin liquid line on your top lid? Thank you.How do you get a good result with eyeliner?
okay so basically the secret is practice. you just gotta keep doing it till it comes steadier and naturally thinner.

but besides that, a tecnique is using a finger and very GENTLY tugging the edge of your eyelid out so its easier to apply a thin, straight line of eyeliner.

again, i emphasize gently tugging because the eyeskin is the most sensitive so if you dont take good care of it, you'll age/wrinkle earlier.

so once you're gently tugging at the corner of your eyelid, start at the middle of the lid and make a sweeping motion close to the lashline.

then go back in and fill in the rest.

if you have difficulty applying liquid eyeliner, you could use a pencil eyeliner and then go over it with liquid.

also search youtube for makeup gurus who make videos on liquid eyeliner!鈥?/a>

or this also helps鈥?/a>How do you get a good result with eyeliner?
Watch this video from YouTube!鈥?/a>

She starts the tutorial really, at like 2:00 minutes-ish.

Tip: Make sure you get an eyeliner brush that has a long wand and thin tip. It's easier this way.

And instead of ';painting'; it on, lay it on your lid horizontally and pull it. This works if its a thin tip.

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