Monday, June 21, 2010

How can I apply my eyeliner to make my eyes look larger?

I have small eyes, and they're dark brown.

How can I make them make bigger using eyeliner (liquid, creme, or pencil whatever you like).

Honest oppinions only please.How can I apply my eyeliner to make my eyes look larger?
Dark eyeliner will only make your eyes look smaller.

if you want to wear dark eyeliner, however, just try a kohl pencil liner on your outer waterlines and set with a matte black eyeshadow.

just keep it to a minimum.

get an eyeshadow a little brighter/whiter than your skintone and dust it onto the inner corners of your eyes.How can I apply my eyeliner to make my eyes look larger?
Eyeliner is going to make your eyes look smaller because you are circling your eyes with a dark rim. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, apply a nice pale shade of eyeshadow to your eyelids, and dab it on the inside corners of your eyes too, where your eyelids meet by your nose. Then use black mascara. This will give you bright eyes that appear larger. I find that vanilla eyeshadow works best for this purpose, but any pale shade will work, especially if it's slightly shimmery.
make a thin line of liquid eyeliner then, if u want your eyes to pop, get about 4 different types of mascara all with different fortes and apply all of them one after another. your eyelashes will look 7 times longer and your eyes will go BAM!
dont go directly in the inside corner of your eyes. go to the middle of the eye out and then a slight wing.

also wear mascara. this should help!

answer mine?鈥?/a>
Apply liquid eyeliner @ the top of your eye , not to think not to thin..

Also apply eyeliner @ the bottom!

mascara will also give your eyes a dramatic look
1] curl lashes before applying mascara

2] line along lashlines only; using a thin line. this fills in the lashline making lashes look lush, and eyes bigger.
apply it lightly underneath the top lid. it brings out the eye and enlargens the lid.

answer mine please??;鈥?/a>
white eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye! it could be a cream too. white always makes the eye look bigger.
just apply it to the outterness of your eyelid.
don't line them all the way around. apply a light highlighter/eyeshadow in the middle top of you eyelid

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