Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is it okay to wear cream eyeliner on your lower lash line?

I might get Loreal's HIP eyeliner in the future. Can you wear eyeliners like that on the lower lash line, or is it like liquid liner, where it looks strange and runs everywhere?Is it okay to wear cream eyeliner on your lower lash line?
It's perfectly safe! I have a gel eyeliner from MAC and is works beautifully on the lower lash line and waterline. It doesn't smudge like the pencil or stick eyeliners do and it doesn't make a mess like the liquid liners :)Is it okay to wear cream eyeliner on your lower lash line?
I don't know how you've seen liquid eyeliner looking badly but if it is applied correctly than it can actually look quite defining and you can have a lot of fun with it. A lot of time liquid liner will run because of sweat or just a naturally oily face. You can buy water proof liquid liner anywhere, personally I prefer maybelline's water proof liquid liner, and you just need to let it dry. Sometimes people even use primers and some put powder on top or eyeshadow to make it last longer/not run. The same basic idea can be used for cream liner. My friend uses it daily and it looks amazing and she loves it. Just make sure to find out how your skin reacts to it so that if you need primer, apply primer, if you need powder on top, put it on top. Get used to it and eventually you will be comfortable enough to wear it daily.
It's totally fine I've put it in my lash line and water like 100000 times. It can be hard to apply it to your waterline with a brush but it's totally worth it n it's hard to mess up.
i have it , i wear it on my waterline and smudge it down onto my lower lashline it stays all day , its great i really reccomend it jus for the waterline too tho
you can put it along your lower lashline

but do not put it on your waterline.[the part inside your eye]
i would not recommendd it

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