Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color eyeliner will make my eyes pop?

I have light brown skin, and i just recently started wearing black eyeliner but no one seems to notice at school o.o What color eyeliner complements my skintone? Thx :DWhat color eyeliner will make my eyes pop?
I would use a medium blue eyeliner or a brown that is darker than your skin tone. That should make your eyes POP.What color eyeliner will make my eyes pop?
You can wear different color eyeliner

You can try from navy blue to green, whatever you're in the mood for


You can also try mascara
Maybe a lighter color such as light brown!

Or if your eyes are like green than use greenish eyeliner.

Answer mine?;鈥?/a>
I often get told it already looks like I'm already wearing eyeliner. Maybe you should try mascara, if you really want make your eyes ';pop';.

Winged gel liner is always cool too, maybe not as an everyday school thing though.
black or silver

however you could wear mascara or eyeshadow also
definitely purple or green.

they make your eyes pop because green and purple go with any color!

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