Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What drugstore eyeliner and liquid foundation is best?

Eyeliner that is is,

Creamy,Non Smudgy/smearing,just a good kind

And what liquid foundation is also good?

Blends Well,Not smeary and that jazz.

And a good loose powder?What drugstore eyeliner and liquid foundation is best?
these are the brands i use. they are so inexpensive and they work so great. ill give you a list.

Foundation (mineral): Maybelline Pure Stay--鈥?/a>

and im not too sure about liquid or mousse. you can experiment

Blush : Wet n' Wilde--鈥?/a>

Eyeliner (liquid- outer eye) : L'oreal Felt Tip --鈥?/a>

Eyeliner (pencil - for inside eye line or outer if you choose) : Revlon Eyeliner --鈥?/a>

Liquid Concealer (to hide imprefections such as dark circles, dark spots, etc- to even out skin under foundation) : Cover Girl--鈥?/a>

Stick Concealer : Maybelline --鈥?/a>

(whichever you prefer)

Moisturizer : Aveeno with sunscreen for clear complexion --鈥?/a>

Mascara : Cover Girl Lash Blast --鈥?/a>

prolly more than you asked for but yeah [:What drugstore eyeliner and liquid foundation is best?
Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner is by farrr THE BEST drugstore eyeliner. Don't even bother trying anything else. Although if you really want non-smudgy non-smearing eyeliner, try MAC Penultimate, it's $16 but worth it... I have not been able to go back to drugstore eyeliners ever since.

I use Bare Escentuals foundation since I have oily golden brown skin and the drugstore varieties don't cater to my needs, but Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup is a good liquid foundation at the drugstore. It's kind of a foundation/tinted moisturizer hybrid. Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Pressed Powder is probably the best loose powder at the drugstore.
i use neutrogena liquid foundation, works great

cover girl powder, also works great ( but use a brush not the foam thingy, that just moves it all around un even)

and if you want a non smearing eyeliner, stay away from cover girl on the top of your lid, i use cover girl twistup eyeliner for my bottom and if you wanna put eyeliner on ur top lid deffinetly use liquid eyeliner, dusnt matter the brand just check the bottles and make sure its the applicator you want, but for non smearing top lid, def use liquid liner, it takes practice but i used to be afraid of it and i sucked, now ppl come to me to put it on them ive gotten so good at it lol.
Almay intense i-color liners are amazing.

they are pearlescent so its really really pretty.

if you don't want the pearlescent then i recommended Revlon Colorstay liners.

best liquid foundation is Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse!

The best eye liner I've ever had is NYC and for foundation, Liquid Mousse from Maybelline is amazing. CoverGirl loose powder is good for a thin cover

eyeliner - revlon colorstay eyeliner

foundation- maybelline dream matte mousse

powder- covergirl professional loose powder
i would get prestiege black eyeliner! its amazing for me.

for a loose powder get some ';mac'; company stuff
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