Monday, June 21, 2010

What's the difference between kohl and regular eyeliner?

Any information gratefully received! So far I've tried liquid, gel, and ordinary pencil eyeliner. I have yet to try kohl. Is there a big difference?

Also, if you could give me pointers on irritability of kohl. Is it gentle? I have really sensitive eyes, plus I wear contacts, so I always need stuff that is opthamologist tested and hypo-allergenic, etc.

:) Thank you!


Any brands you recommend! I'm especially curious about kohl, but if you have a favorite non-kohl eyeliner brand, tell me about it! (I'm planning on buying some new make-up soon).What's the difference between kohl and regular eyeliner?
No, kohl is not more gentle. It was actually the first used eyeliner on women, so it is harsher.

FOr me, I put liquid on the top lid, and pencil on the bottom. If your eyes are sensitive, I would go with M.A.C. cosmetics found at Nordstroms. But if you arent willing to pay mor for it, than I also use revlon wet/dry blackest black eyeliner pencil from drug stores, its very smooth and shows up well, lasts long and doesn't smudge or fade right away.

Btw, this is kohl.

A mixture of ground galena (a black mineral), sulphur and animal fat that was used as eye make-up. It also alleviated eye inflammations and protected the eyes from the glare of the sun.What's the difference between kohl and regular eyeliner?
yes i have very sensitive skin to and hypoalergenic stuff i use and i wear contacts as well. and kohl is good for contact wearers and for non. Kohl is very smooth going on thats the key the others tear at your skin and your pulling and dragging you don't want that. over time you will pay the price. so Kohl is your best best I also mentioned this product to another user as well. they come in all colour of shades as well.

and you'll be safe as a contact wearer users as i am. I also use liquid its a fine brush and it sweeps across nicely and smoothly the key to putting it on is a steady hand and keepy the bottom of your palm on your chin so you have a base and your hand doesn't go flying into the eye lid and poke you. once you become acustomed to it you won't need to you'll just sweep it on anywhere you are. and it will look nice. practice a few times till you get the hang of it. you dont' want crooked looking liner it must be fine sweep.
I am not aware of any difference between kohl and regular eyeliner. I wonder if ';kohl'; is just a word that makes it sound cooler?

Anyway, I have a similar situation to yours: I wear contacts and I also have little lines under my eyes where the eyeliner runs. My favorite eyeliner right now is a pencil: Loreal Le Kohl Pencil. I use this every day.
Kohl is softer and much easier to apply than a regular eyeliner pencil. It does not go on nearly as heavy as a liquid or gel, so I think the results are much softer and more natural looking. I have eye allergies too and the only kohl eyeliner I have tried recently that I have been allergic to is Lancome. I got one of those makeovers at the Lancome counter a few years ago and my eyes swelled shut within 5 minutes. I usually use Revlon and have not had a problem with it.

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