Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you keep your eyeliner from running?

my eyeliner always turns out great in the morning when i put it on, but by lunch time, i have to wipe off the messed up eyeliner, and reapply it.

what are your tips for making your eyeliner stay on?How do you keep your eyeliner from running?
Put eyeshadow that's the same color on top of the eye liner to set it. Also, if that doesn't take care of the problem entirely you can use concealer and face powder under wear the eyeliner is.How do you keep your eyeliner from running?
well try not to blink much, its acctually better to use non-waterproff eyeliner and read the types of eyeliner on the item some have different time and some work better than others for different people try for yourself and good luck!
When you apply it to your waterline make sure theres no wet gunk/slime from sleeping.

Apply your eyeliner, and put black powder over it.
Get eyeliner that isn't runny or get waterproof eyeliner because you might have water in your eyes.
get some better eyeliner

try waterproof

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