Monday, June 21, 2010

How much is too much eyeliner and how much is enough where it looks natural?

I wear eyeliner, top and bottom. I'm wondering how much is enough where it looks natural opposed to how much is TOO much eyeliner? If anyone has any pictures of that, it would be grateful! Thanks a bunch in advance.How much is too much eyeliner and how much is enough where it looks natural?
Eyeliner is a bit tricky because depending on the shade of eyeliner you can wear it just about anywhere.

If you are going to work, or school or somewhere that is during the day depending on the shade of your eyes brown eyeliner applied thinly on the upper lid of the eyes as close to the lash line as possible is fine. If your going somewhere at night and want more of a dramatic look you can go for black. apply on top lash line and bottom lash line ending in a subtle line in the inner corner of your eyes.

Too much liner is when the line applied from eyeliner is too thick.

Good Luck :)How much is too much eyeliner and how much is enough where it looks natural?
Both upper and lower lids is too much, especially if it is black eyeliner. It is considered harsh during the day, but acceptable at night for upper lid. You can use a dark eyeshadow on your lids, just take a angled brush and smudge it into the eyelash line, you would be amazed that it looks great, so much more natural than eyeliner.
I guess it depends, because someone might think a thick line is too much and others think it's too much. Personally, I think a defined, visible line is enough if you're aiming for a natural look. I guess one can really have too much eyeliner.. unless they look like a raccoon. If the amount of eyeliner makes a person look weird, then I suppose that could count as too much.
For school, i put alot on my top eyelid and none on the bottom..... and because im at a catholic school i am not allowed to wear make up... but the teachers dont notice!!! outside of school i wear alot on my top eyelid and some on the bottom aswell!!!! Night time make up for me is isually very dark!!!!! hope i helped in some way!!!
both upper %26amp; lower is good. I do the innerrims of the upper, along the lash line %26amp; the lower right below the lash line. Too much is when you look like King Tut.
If you use mascara on the top and bottom lashes only line the top, if you dont use mascara on the bottom lashes only line the bottoms to the middle.
a nice thin layer of eyeline on the top of your eyelid would look simple...too much is when you thicken it like amywhinehouse...鈥?/a>
I used to wear eyeliner on the top %26amp; bottom too, but now I only wear it on the top with one coat of mascara. Everyone says it makes me look more natural.
eyeliner doesnt look natural ever thats the point no 1 is naturaly black around the eye but only do bottem if ur not wearing mascara and use a brownish its more attractive black is trying to hard
I usually just use it on the bottom of my eye. I use pencil liner, and then lightly smudge it with my finger. It just adds shading without adding black lines to your eyelids

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