Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is your favorite combo of eyeshadow and eyeliner?

I love bronzes, browns and golds. I like to highlight with a shimmery gold or bronze. I use brown or even black eyeliner to give it a sultry, slightly smokey look. How do you do yours?What is your favorite combo of eyeshadow and eyeliner?
It really depends on your eye color %26amp; what you're wearing. I have green eyes so I find that shades of plums %26amp; purples make my eyes a lot more noticeable. However if I'm wearing blue, I generally don't want to wear a purplish eye shadow. In that case I switch to bronzes/browns/neutral colors. Always have a brown/black eyeliner with brownish black mascara.What is your favorite combo of eyeshadow and eyeliner?
I love love love aqua blue eyeliner and orangeish redish eyeshadow toghether for a festive look! : - )
when i wear colors that look better with black and white i use my eyeshadows i got from maybelline i bought one kit that has a silver charcoal and shimmery white in it and i use a black liner and then for the outfits that go more with the browns and neutrals i use my eyeshadow kit that goes for blue eyes from almay with their brown mascara which is awesome and a cheap brown eyeliner i found. very inexpensive especiallly if you go to ulta during their sale.
My eyeliner and eyeshadow are both bronze :) It looks really pretty

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hover your mouse over bronze splash %26amp; solid gold :)
i used to have this lime green eyeshadow, and i wore it with lots of black eyeliner.

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