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How can I make eyeliner look less harsh with pale skin and blue eyes?

Pale skin, freckley, blue eyes and brown hair. How do I make eyeliner, punky and romantic stlyes, not look harsh?How can I make eyeliner look less harsh with pale skin and blue eyes?
i have the same problem, ( blue eyes, dark hair, freckles) first you will want to use a foundation the fits you skin (obviously) and get a pressed powder, but be carefull when picking these out, cause some of them dry up your face, but then you will want to apply that to oily parts of your face so it doesnt look so oily, and then get a bronzer powder, or beads( mary kay has the best bronzer beads ever) anyway and then aply that to the cheak bones an bridge of your nose it will make you look not so pale.

for the eyes, you dond want to use a black eyeliner cause it makes you look gothic or someting, but use a gray or brown, and i think useing blue eye shadows brings out your eyes, but what you wnat ot do is aply the darker blue to just above the eyelashes and the lighter blues to the lid, and hten get a shimmery white and blent it in the lighter blue and stop blendong just below the brow.

now for the lips you will probaby wat ot use a lighter color, like a peach, or a tanish brown, and that will help to make you lips look good but still not draw all the attention away from your eyes.How can I make eyeliner look less harsh with pale skin and blue eyes?
If you have light blue eyes, I suggest using a navy eyeliner. It will look absolutely gorgeous. If your eyes are darker in color, use a bronze or a brown. It will liven up your face, and be nowhere near as harsh.
try using eyeshadow instead of eyeliner,using a small headed brush makes a softer line ,i do this all the time for less obvious lines
Don't use black, use grays/charcoals, and lighter colors... brown would look good too.
Don't use black...or liquid! I would use a blue or a brown eyeliner...then take a Q-Tip or something and smudge it around to make it look less harsh.
If you are using a black, I would suggest switching to a dark-near balck, broze with a little sparkle in it, or other really dark colors like, eggplant, navy and even grey-this will also bring out your highlights in your hair and iris's. Good luck!
Im fair skinned, blonde haired and blue eyes and dark eye shadow certainly doesnt suit!!

You need to steer clear of the black and opt for a brown or charcoal type colour.

Use it very lightly and or use a white eyeliner to open the eyes a little more and 'freshen' them up.

Ensure that the pencil is always sharp as it helps it to glide a little easier and its thinner - this avoids the Ive just been hit by the eyeliner truck look!!

If all else fails, go to your nearest make up desk and ask for their guidance - they will DEFINATELY be able to help u out!!

Wishing u all the very best!
Take your time edging the liner into the lashline for a thin neat line.

(natural and makes lashes appear thicker)

You can smooth the line with a wet cotton tip if it looks uneven.

Now apply a bronze or similar eyeshadow colour into the lashline (over the liner) blending it with an eyeshadow brush.

Finish with mascara.

The result will look alot more natural and less harsh or ';drawn on.';

Once you master that, you can experiment with other colours.
Maybe use a soft grey coal pencil versus a liquid liner.
Use light colour, that's what I do w/light, light skin and blue-grey eyes.

I agree that black can be very harsh on pale skin. Aging too.

I tend to either wear eyeshadow to line, applied wet, or a pencil liner, so I can smudge it/soften it to my liking. My four favorite pencil colors are:

medium gray

dark true brown (not reddish)

soft olive green


Those colors bring out different flecks in your eyes, depending on what look you want.

For a punky look, I'd try smudging a charcoal gray or a navy blue.
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