Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color eyeliner would look best on me?

I am having a hard time finding a color that would look good on me. I am 22 blond, very pale with blue eyes. Also if you have any recommendations for eyeshadow ill take it!What color eyeliner would look best on me?
Have you tried classic black? I always see people with blue eyes wearing black eyeliner, and it truly makes their eyes just POP!

For eyeshadow, I think shades of silver on the middle and outer parts of the eye (the darkest shade on the outer part), with a whitish highlighter on the inner corner, would really be stunning.

I envy you, I've always wished I had blue eyes!What color eyeliner would look best on me?
Ummmm from what you described I'd say try using pink,light blue or your basic black eyeliner. And when I say black I mean REALLY black. The blackest you can find. I recommend channel eyeliners cuz they're really black.

As for eye shadow, I recommend using light colors cuz you have fair skin and fair hair. Pinks, light blues, light oranges, those sort of colors. But when you're having a night out, go a little deeper in colors. You can go as far as the color black when it's night. Since you have such a fair complexion, there's really isn't a way to go wrong about colors. If you really want to know what fits you, go to you tube and type eye shadow tutorial. Smoky eyes are most dramaticic. Try it and see what happens.
blue eyes like amazing in black, espresso, and brown-black shades of eyeliner and mascara. for eyeshadow, try browns, golds, bronzes, and black. Blue eyes can work with anything BUT greens, purples (unless they're dark), and blues. Good luck!
you could try purple, like a plum shade. brown is good for light eyes and hair as it gives subtle definition and isn't as harsh as black.
Brown eyeliner would look more accentuating. Grey any other color of eyeshadow will look nice on you.
Try dark blue or dark green. They say purple is for everybody too.
black and a light goldish color eyshadow :)
brown eyeliner would look good, if you want a more dramatic look wear black eyeliner but not too much
DONT!listen 2 what mim n. said, trust me really black liner or any black for that matter would look wayy 2 harsh on u :/

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