Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?

What kind looks good, stays on the longest and doesn't smudge easy or run off?What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
MAC fluidline and liquidlast eyeliners last all day and don't smudge.What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
i almost always go with Mary Kay, it looks fabulous as long as u dont rub your eyes
The liquid. Almay I believe makes one with a shaped tip to make it easier to apply. I prefer pencil myself, mostly because my hands shake all the time. But the liquid stays the longest, doesn't really smudge once its dry, and you can get waterproof to help prevent running. Good luck!
none. it always looks like crap. go natural
Cover Girl. I love it. It doesn't smugde or anything.
Mary Kay's liquid eyeliner always stays on for hours.
According to my wife, who is a cosmotologist, MAC is the best.
i like the kind that is self sharpening because it the easiest to apply and looks pretty good.

I've been using Almay, the kind that matches your eye tone. that's pretty good.

I also like Avon's Glimmersticks.
Liquid eyeliner gives more definition, and doesn't smudge or fade.
Bat guano.
I would suggest using Avon's Glimmering Stick.. No sharpening and u just twist it.
I use Almay.
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My favorite, which I've been using for about a year, has to be the sephora store brand pencil. I have three colors (black, navy, and brown) which all apply great color, are soft enough to sharpen and draw well without breaking, and don't smudge a bit throughout the day. Although I normally stay away from the more ';generic'; brands, this one was originally a gift and I have never gone back. Plus, they only cost about $4-5 bucks!

Hope I could help.

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