Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the exact/correct way to apply eyeliner?

I think im applying it wrong, im not to sure! And your not suppost to apply mascara on your bottom eyelashes?What is the exact/correct way to apply eyeliner?
check out the youtube video from beauty basics there really good 4 stuff like that =)What is the exact/correct way to apply eyeliner?
Try this link, I think it might be helpful:鈥?/a>
ok so carefully pull eye lids up or down for a fine line ____

like that verythin, and try to use a corner/edge. carefully slide your pencil over your eye near the wet part to get a fine lkine.

hope it helops
Simply apply eyeliner how ever you do it. And fix it by getting a cutip and taking excess eyeliner off or shape it the way you want.

Go to (the magazine) they have pictures/tips/and more.
i want to noo this too:] lolxx

Proper way to apply eyeliner is you start from the side closest to you nose, and work outward, and same with the bottom underline.. I being a t/v, I use a lot of liner, and do extreme ';cat's eyes' with lines extending out and upward beyond the outside of the eye..

Who says you'rer not supposed to appy mascara on your bottom lashes..? You do what you like and look best in.. Keep in mind, make up is a personal thing, and what one person likes, isn't necessarily going to be what others like.. You do what you like and feel you look best in.. Enjoy
if its liquid do the top by sliding it across ur top eye lid. but if it is a pencil then only use it to under line the outer botom cornes of ur eyes.

hope this helps

step 1.Apply eye shadow

step 2. make a line above the eyelashes n pull a little bit out that makes your eyes look bigger.

step 3.apply a pencil liner in inner eyelashes(upper) that gives a dark look..

step 4 then apply the mascara.

Step 5 same as u did the upper part..

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