Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you make your eyes bigger with the application of eyeliner?

Is a pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner better and exactly where do I need to apply the eyeliner aound the eye to make them appear larger?How do you make your eyes bigger with the application of eyeliner?
You can use either pencil eyeliner or liquid, depending on how you want the final result to be. Liquid eyeliner is a lot neater and looks sharper but is harder to apply than pencil. If you're using liquid, apply to the upper lashline in short strokes, and use pencil for your waterline and lower lashline. If you're using pencil do the same for top and bottom lashlines. To make your eyes appear bigger, thicken the line on the outer edges of your basically you're just thickening the line as you go outwards to the's that simple! also if you want, you can apply a thick line of eyeliner all around your eye..that really makes them pop and your eyes definitely look bigger! that's what I do :)How do you make your eyes bigger with the application of eyeliner?
I saw on a beauty show, that if you use white eyeliner, it gives the illusion of making your eyes look bigger. You apply that on your bottom lashline. %26amp; you use black eyeliner underneath your eyelashes. but not on the top as well as the bottom because that makes your eyes look small and beady. Pencil eyeliner, but you could, instead of using the eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, use liquid liner on the top.

Hope I helped!
Put white liner on your waterline...and them put a line of black or brown on your lower lashline...and smudge a little so it doesnt look too harsh...Also using a liquid could do a thin line of black on your upper lashline and if you want the cat eye look..then flick it up a little at the end.

using black on your lower lashline will only make your eyes look tiny.
I still stick to pencil eyeliner, it is much easy to use compare to the liquid one.. What I do is.. I put the eyeliner on the tip of my eyelid, as oppose to the normal application of eyeliner. I like it much better, especially when I wake up every morning with a small eyes.. :)
White eyeliner usually does the trick on widening eyes :)

If you're not one for white, maybe applying your eyeliner below your bottom set of lashes? I put my eyeliner on the actual bottom lid, so my eyes look smaller, but i like it haha :)

Other than that i got nothing honey, sorry x
Below is a link to an article about Angelina Jolie's Oscars makeup and how they used eyeliner to make her eyes bigger.
Use a white eye pencil on the inner creases of your eyes and if you want to go really far you can apply it along the bottom lash line. Then curl your lashes and apply mascara.
get a good brand of liquid eyeliner and make sure that it doesn't flake.apply a thick line on the upper lash line and apply a very thin line on the bottom lash line.then apply some mascara.
Do the cat eye style :)…
use rlli light eyeliner pencil, at the light pink place above ur lower lashes r ight under ur eye

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