Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color eyeliner / eyeshadow would you recommend for me?

My eyes are amber in the middle, and brown on the edges. There is some green on the edges as well. What color(s) of eye makeup would you suggest that would bring out the green in my eyes?What color eyeliner / eyeshadow would you recommend for me?
an eyeliner, a shade of brown works well for most green eyed women. Paler skinned women can opt for a lighter shade of brown, while olive skin will benefit from a bolder, deeper shade of brown.

Use a dark brown mascara to brighten and open your eyes. Mascara works to lift and extend lashes and really helps them shine.What color eyeliner / eyeshadow would you recommend for me?
Browns look awesome on green eyes, really brings out the green.

Also, if you want a more neutral color, go for a more yellowy light brown.

Blending light greens with light browns is really pretty.

Never use eyeliner that is lighter or darker than the color of the mascara you use- say you use brown mascara, use light brown eyeliner. Black mascara, black eyeliner.

Never use purple, green, blue, other bright/unnatural colors for eyeliner or mascara, unless it is a special ocasion. It looks horrible and tacky, people can rarely pull it off just for an everyday look.
My mom has almost the same kind of eyes, and I've seen people with eyes that color, so I'd have to say maybe a navy blue or teal or maybe dark violet or just plain violet would look really good. I hope that helps! :)
Eyeliner: Dark brown or black

Eyeshadow: plum, purple, violet
brown or dark green eyeliner.(:
green eyeshadow, but not too heavy
brownish black or just plain black

purple would work too

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