Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is liquid eyeliner safe to get into your eye?

I use liquid liner sometimes on my lower lids and it gets into my eye sometimes. Is that safe? What will happen if it is dangerous?Is liquid eyeliner safe to get into your eye?
Use some artificial tears or Visine to get it out. The chemicals aren't good for your eyes. ESPECIALLY if the makeup is old. And do try to be careful in the future....Is liquid eyeliner safe to get into your eye?
yea thats really bad u should be more crarefull ( =
its ok to get into your eyes, its not hazardous, but it leeks and gets all in your eye and really isnt comfortable.
errr.. i avoid it wherever possible...

if its in your eye get it out asap..i dont know how dangerous it is but if you get it out quickly then it cant be that bad..

lol, hope your eyes ok

It used to happen me all the time. It won't do any damage to your eye but it may sting your eye for a second.
I don't think anything will happen but liquid liner is made for the top eyelid, you should use eye pencil on the bottom eyelid. But I'm pretty sure its just like mascara and thats totally safe. (Not saying you should put mascara on your eyes tho =P)
it's not a good thing but it is eye makeup. the manufacturers are aware that it's going to sometimes come into contact w/ the eye. just make sure you wash it out when it happens and you'll be fine.

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