Monday, June 21, 2010

What to use to stop liquid eyeliner from drying up?

I use Maybelline eyeliner and after a few weeks it starts to dry up in the bottle. I've heard there is something that you can mix in to stop it from drying, anyone know what it is?What to use to stop liquid eyeliner from drying up?
i use the maybelline liquid eyeliner ,

ive had it for a little over a month now .. im suprised its lasted that long since i use so much x]

but ,

it hasnt dried up in the bottle ?

are you closing it tight enough .. ? maybe thats the probleem .

i say just go out and buy another , :]

- kaat ,What to use to stop liquid eyeliner from drying up?
I would just buy a different make. If your liquid eyeliner is drying up you have either had it too long or the quality is not very good.

Like mascara you should not keep it for longer 3 months as it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Trust me you dont want to experience the discomfort of persistant itchy eyes or at the other end of the scale, an eye infection.

The following liquid eyeliners have had reviews one for every budget.

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner

Loreal Lineur

Mac fluidline
If your eyeliner is getting a bit dry and cakey boil some water and pour into a mug, put the eyeliner in and the dry eyeliner melts and goes more liquidy, therefore recycling your old eyeliner! if the tube keeps floating hold it down (the top should be sticking out) be warned however, if the water is too hot it may cause your tube of eyeliner to expand so leave it to cool a bit first or use a hot tap instead!
if you mix anything with eyeliner it will ruin the color. if i were you i would just buy a new liquid eyeliner. most eyeliners don't do that.
Don't buy it?

Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner is amazing (: + it's pretty cheap too. Mine lasts agesssssss.

%26amp; Like they said above, don't mix things into your eye makeup, might have a reaction or something..
I never heard of this product, I would regardless just buy new you don't really want to be mixing things into your eye make up, could cause an infection, better safe then sorry, I would just keep buying new!
add a drop of olive oil. wierd, but it works. only a drop!!

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