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How do i keep my eyeliner from spearing?

I use black eyeliner on the bottom and the the of my eyelides but after a little bit it starts spearing to the sides and the color starts fading. How do i get perfectly black eyeliner around the lids of my eys with out it smearing or fading in such a short period of time?How do i keep my eyeliner from spearing?
Hi, I actually read this really good article about applying eyeliner, you'll find more useful information there I'm sure, I did鈥?/a>How do i keep my eyeliner from spearing?
For only a second, burn the end of your eyeliner before you put it on.
Try applying a thin coat of your usual powder under the eyes, and then apply the eyeliner. That will make it set in and not smear. Also try not to touch your eyes at all during the day to prevent accidental smears.
there is this thing that u spray ... 4got wat its called.
if ur using a pencil liner, melt the tip with a lighter for a second, let it cool for another second and apply while its still melted...its should stay all day unless you rub ur eyes every 10 seconds
dont rub your eyes. and wear water proof mascara. i use new york color eye liner;; and it never smears
is it waterproof? Well first off get some of that, or stop being ghetto and don't wear as much.
After you apply your eyeliner ';set it'; with some powder or eye-shadow. I used to have the same problem. Now, I apply the liner and then go over it with a little matching shadow on my eye shadow applicator and it helps it stay put. You can also simply dab some face powder on it lightly and that works too. I don't do the powder though because I am getting older and the powder gets into the little lines around my eyes, so the eye shadow trick works best for me.
Try using waterproof eyeliner. Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay carry some really great ones. I use them when I'm doing makeup for weddings. Also you can try to put a little bit of loose powder underneith the eyes to prevent smearing and smudging. It's my little trick during photoshoots since I dont have time to keep retouching the models (especially if there is more than 1)

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putting foundation or concealer under the eye, before you apply the eyeliner, will help themakeup stay in place.
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