Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What kind of brand and color eyeliner is the best?

I want to start wearing a little bit of eyeliner once in a while, but my parents don't want me to wear a lot, and I don't want to wear a lot either. What kind brand and color do you think i should use so that it looks like i only have a little bit.What kind of brand and color eyeliner is the best?
Well, i use liquid, but that is quite dramatic, so if they only want you wearing a bit, that makes it look like a lot.

So, i recommend CoverGirl perfect line plus. in black, stays on really well.What kind of brand and color eyeliner is the best?
Brand and colour don't really change how heavy the eyeliner looks. If you don't want to look like you're wearing a lot of eyeliner, then don't put a lot of eyeliner on.

For a natural look, go for an eyeliner that is close to your natural hair colour... normally brown is a safe colour for all girls, unless your hair is naturally very dark... in which case black would be better. Definitely use a pencil, not liquid eyeliner. Try Rimmel's Kohl eyeliner pencil, which goes on easily and smudges well, so you can make it look softer and more natural. Make sure you've got a eyeliner pencil sharpener so you can keep the pencil sharp, which will help you draw thinner lines; this will keep it so you don't look like you've got a TON of eyeliner on. Practice and play around until you figure out what you like and how to do it more consistently. Good luck!
MAC MAC MAC engraved is the one I have it's amazing but I used to have ebony which isn't as dark but all their eyeliners last really long and don't smear like the cheaper brands oh and if you don't want to look like you wear a lot it doesn't really matter what color you choose it's how you apply it hope I helped : D oh the eyeliners I named are all pencil
if u want to make it look like u only have a little on, why bother even wearing it?!

i'd suggest a simple eyeliner pencil, like from the brand NYC. those are only a dollar and even the ';blackest black'; doesnt look very dark.

i'd use brown or brown/black for a natural look
just go to sephora and get their little 5 dollar ones, they are little and good and they don't look like that you have a lot on, they are sephora brand.鈥?/a>

there it is^
I absolutely love the Almay twist pencil.

It's not sharp, it goes on super easy, and you never have to sharpen it.

It's like 8 bucks but it will last you like half a year.

I never use anything else.
Lancome Artliner in Carob Ice. It's a pretty frosty light brown....LOVE IT!!!

Edited to add:

I put it on in around 7:45 every morning and it is still 100% there at 11pm. It stays
NEUTROGENA is the best.

Hope that helped.

Good Luck.
Maybelline define a line. %26lt;3

Its love get the darkest
i love mac and smashbox!

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