Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the best natural looking foundation and also the best liquid eyeliner?


I use nivea young tinted moisturiser at the moment and it is quite good, I also use avon perfect match foundation and natural collections pressed powder. Just wanted any reccommendations?

Also I like to wear eyeliner but I constantly have to re apply it throughout the school day so I was wanting to try a liquid eyeliner for around the top of my eye? Which brand is best in your opinion? Thank youuu x x xWhat is the best natural looking foundation and also the best liquid eyeliner?
The most natural foundation i have found is Smoky Mountain Minerals mineral makeup. You can find them at . They don't use the bismuth oxychloride like bare escentuals, so they don't make you itch or turn red. I love it. Looks natural! You might want to try their eyeliner, too. just apply it with a liner brush or a chiseled liner brush. it stays on all day! You can mix it with their Eye Fixative, too, to make a gel kind of liner and eye color.What is the best natural looking foundation and also the best liquid eyeliner?
my favourite liquid eyeliners are majolica majorca neo automatic eyeliner and revlon color stay liquid eyeliner. if you like thick lines, i think gel/cream eyeliners are really handy too (they have them at like kate, mac, bobbi brown, everywhere) it is abit expensive but they last really long and there is more than enough amount in one pot. but these are mainly for thick eyeliners. theyr like between pencil and liquid, but they realy dont smudge!!

as for foundation i like mac. they have variety of colors and i like how they stay for a long time. its abit thick thou. i also like revlon.
I like using Bobbi Brown for foundation, most people don't realize I'm wearing it and compliment me on my great-looking ';skin';.

For liquid eyeliner, I used to use the Body Shop's penliner, iot stays on pretty well. I also recently started using Mac's Fluidline. That stuff stays on!
H.I.P cream liner is really good. lasts all day and very good color payoff. Its kinda hard to find I was looking for it at kmart but didn't find it. So I went to CVS.

also I hear Maybelline mineral Power foundation is good. I bought the concealer today
I LOVE the Hollywood mineral foundation from LA Minerals. Looks and feels natural and stays on all day. I swim in it and it stays!
For Powder and Foundation I use Mary Kay makeup.For lipstick.Meh I go to wal-mart or something and see what they have.
if you want really good make-up that's all natural you can buy some from me...this make-up feels great it's light but covers really good you can email me at

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