Monday, June 21, 2010

What is the best pecil eyeliner that you have ever used?

Mine it the Barry M Kohl Pencil. I know it's cheap but other ones never seem to work well with me.What is the best pecil eyeliner that you have ever used?
Here are a few pencil eyeliners that are said to last without smudging and have had good reviews, includes Barry M.

Revlon colour stay

Barry M,

Urban Decay 24/7

Maybelline NEW YORK waterproofWhat is the best pecil eyeliner that you have ever used?
GOSH velvet touch eyeliners - the colour range is AMAZING and at only 拢5 they are amazing. they're not good for the waterline though, but for when i want to put colour on my lower lashes, this eyeliner is AMAZING! i also like the barrym supersoft pencil - that is amazing as well. it really is soft!
GOSH eyeliner pencils.

They are really great. They are a bit expensive (around 拢4-拢6) but they are really good quality and the colours are amazing!
ive never tried the barry m pencil eyeliner, well not yet

i use that brand for liquid eyeliner but at the moment i have a rimmel pencil

its better than the dior pencil i have
definitely GOSH!!...

it goes on so easily nd it stays on for ages...

it doesnt run off like the others...

it's worth the extra euro u myt pay 4 it!!
revlon color stay eyeliner in charcoal and black and Brown and blackened brown
Mine Was Probably Cheapish As well (:

I Got Mine In A Big Make-Up Set From The Colour Workshop Which My Grandma Got Me For Christmas.
i would have to say any eye liner from avon price wise because its cheap and its really good it goes on super smooth and everything. if price is not a big deal then MAC
believe it or not avon has a very good eyeliner

i just love it!

it goes on well and doesnt smudge

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L'oreal HIP (high impact pigment) eyeliner pencil. Its so smooth and doesn't run or smudge. I love it.
For me it is Avon's Kajal eyeliner it only about 2.50 but it goes on really smoothly smudges well if you want it to and lasts for ages.

i bought a dark purple but it was 12$ :o

but it goes on so nicely and it is totally worth it!!!!

and its WATERPROOF!!!!! :D

available at shoppers drug mart :P
i like the eye pencils by mac, they go on so smoothly and it looks really nice.
The Rimmel Kohl range, they go on really easy even inside the lid :)
Make Up For Ever's Aqua eyes! It's a god send. Try it! Worth the money as you never have to reapply.
Gosh and a brown colour or blue or green or purple x
urban decay are the best!!!! really smooth and really good colour! a bit pricey but well worth it.

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