Monday, June 21, 2010

How can I make my eyeliner look good up close?

Idk, I wear black pencil liner on the top lid and sometimes it doesn't look that great up close. If I get a boyfriend soon, I don't want him to look into my eyes and see messy, globbly eye liner. Help!How can I make my eyeliner look good up close?
I use liquid eyeliner and then when it dries I use a pencil eyeliner on top and it sorta smudges a little.How can I make my eyeliner look good up close?
Sometimes using a dark brown looks better and less dramatic. Put the liner from the outside edge to the center on the top and the bottom. A good place to measure the center is to look where your pupil is. If the dark brown pencil eyeliner doesn't help, get liquid liner with a thin angled brush and do the same process. It should look better.
First, sharpen the eyeliner so you have a fresh tip. Then just before applying, put your thumb and forefinger under the tap. Using your wet fingers, gently moisten the tip of the eyeliner pencil (make sure its not too wet.) Not only does this make your eyeliner look smoother, but it's also less irritating to the eyes.
Just take your time doing your eyeliner so it won't be messy. If you mess up, smudge it with a Q-tip or a smudge brush. It actually looks better all smudgy sometimes. It might actually just be a problem with the eyeliner you're using. I use Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Pencil, it's hard to get the hang of at first but its worth it in the long run.

Hope this helps!
Top lid: Use a pencil then smudge it. (or get a pencil with the other end is a smudging tool)

bottom lid: Do it on the inside of your lid. Like the line inside your eye. That makes it less messy looking and really brings out your eyes. (You can do it on your top lid also)
Maybe use another kind or color of eyeliner? What I do most of the time is put a dark eyeshadow right over the eyeliner so its more smudged looking and its kind of more ';even'; than the eyeliner.

Good luck! :]
ahhh i have this problem too, but you can go to one of those makeup people in the mall. she will give you the best advice and supplies!!! best of luck =]
If you don't want to use liquid eyeliner be sure to use a sharpened pencil. I use a sharpened pencil and it isn't messy or globbly. ;)
Use Revlon Color Stay Twistable eyeliner, and then when you're done applying it, use a Q-Tip and makeup remover to make it look perfect!
use liquid eyeliner its better maybe not as easy but better looking
No dont use liquid use the avon pencil liner it goes on perfectly with one swip
don't use the pencil

use like the twist able one

it will look a lot better
use liquid eyeliner
i either put a rele thin line or a thick line with black eyeshadow over it =]

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