Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the best mascara and eyeliner?

I'm currently using a Sephora pencil eyeliner, and the pink and green Maybelline mascara. What kinds of mascara and eyeliner work the best and doesn't smear?What is the best mascara and eyeliner?
The Maybelline mascara in the pink and green tube, surprisingly enough, *is* the best mascara. An old roommate of mine was a makeup artist, and she told me that that mascara was all they used when she was in school, and it was the only kind she used in her professional practice.

Eyeliner depends on your skin, how oily/dry the complexion of your eyelids is. Me, I use mostly Annabelle, because it's reasonably priced and doesn't smear up into the crease of my eyelid. The only other recommendation I have for eyeliner is to avoid the super-cheap brands that cater to teens (I think there's a line that includes the word 'wild' -- Get Wild? Wild Color?), as I've found they break off in big chunks when you try to sharpen them.What is the best mascara and eyeliner?
mac has the best makeup their pencil eyeliner is good, but i love their liquid eyeliner it's the best it does not smear unless you wipe your eyes and it's not flaky like a lot of other liquid eye liners but if you're used to pencil use their pencil eye liner it works good and doesn't smear either and their mascara is great too it makes eye lashes look long and it's not flaky either all mac's makeup is great but they are a little expensive
Mac fluidline blacktrack (or another color) is the best eyeliner ever. Its easy to apply, glides on smoothly, stays on throughout the whole day, not messy :D

for mascara you could just use a drugstore brand since all the brand names one aren't really as good as the drugstore ones....I suggest

covergirl lashblast for voluminous and long lashes

^^ goodluck :D
i use;

eyeliner: MAC. best eyeliner ever, no joke.

i forgot the name of it but its a kohl one. its like a mixture of liquid %26amp; pencil. plus its really soft (:

mascara: im using maybelines define a lash. its okay.

the one i used before was the covergirls lastblast, which worked really good. but its really hard to get out.

For the best Mascara I use Collagen by Maybellene. It seriously works really well, The smell is a little weird, it actually smells like daisies; not a joke! But it works very very well.

The best eyeliner would have to be any color from Clinque, I love their's.

I use 'new black', and 'smokey brown'.

Hope I could help!
the Dior DIORSHOW blackout one is pretty damn good i love it :)

and it smells good!

eyeliner i would say any liquid one i hate pencils they smear liquid is amazing and easy take off hope i helped :)

i have tried EVERY SINGLE MASCARA i could find that's out there ok, and the only one that actually worked without CLUMPING (ughs o annoying) was eye magnifier exact definition from rimmel london.

try it and let me know!
What i like is the mascara too faced lash injection and for eyeliner the victorias secret very sexy one...
COLOSSAL volumexpress mascara by maybelline

UNSTOPPABLE eyeliner by maybelline

Mascara: Lash Blast by Cover Girl or Lancome Definicils

Eye liner: MAC

Rimmel London Sexy Curves - Macara

Bonnebell pencil which you dont sharpen

Avon Eyelier

MAC seriously its the best mascara and use the eye shadow for eyeliner my make-up has never looked better!

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