Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the best way to apply liquid eyeliner of pencil?

I am going more for the gothic look but when I wear black eyeliner it smears because I have oily skin. What can I do? Also, where is there a place online I can go to look at designs?What is the best way to apply liquid eyeliner of pencil?
First if you have oily skin, use an oil free cleanser such as Neutrogena oil free cleanser, it's great..I use it. Follow w/an oil free moisturizer.. After apply your foundation if you us it, dust powder all over skin..especially the skin around your eyes which will absorb oil..then apply eyeliner.. If it's running, I wouldn't use liquid.. try using a waterproof eyeliner from like Revlon or Covergirl.. Hope that helpsWhat is the best way to apply liquid eyeliner of pencil?
im not an expert either seeing as how i just got liquid eyeliner, but i like to pull my eyelid at the sides and then push down hard w/ the side of the brush (so it becomes thicker) and then pull it across, and then i keep going past the connecting corner of my top and bottom lid (go straight) so that when i open my eyes, i get the winged look. i too wanted to get a gothic look and i posted a question on how to line the inner rims but it still hasn't worked for me. almay has pretty good eyeliner thati've found sticks more than any other that i tried. and someone else brought up a good point about how it's hard for eyeliner to stay in the inner rims b/c it's too moist but it does stay on the outer lashes pretty well. i guess, w/ the liquid i'm just not holding it to dry long enough until i let go of my lid?

anyway, i have super oily skin too. i always put some powder on my eyelids before i put any kind of eyeliner on so that it'll stick a littlle better. still, i absorb the powder kind b/c im so ioly. and os, by the end of the schoolday, the eyeliner that had been rubproof in the morhing would come off. just try not to touch your eyes so much. unfortunately, i don't think that there's much that oily ppl can do except touch up. you could always search yahoo answers for oily skin and makeup :0 and if you don't get any more hits for this question, answer search liquid eyleliner b/ci found tutoorial for the wing look under someoen else's question (i can't find it anymore but im pretty sure it was at

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