Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What color eyeliner would look good on me?

I've tried black eyeliner and it just looks sooooo gross on my cause I have dark brown eyes and tanned skin. What do u suggest?

Thanks.What color eyeliner would look good on me?
Black is too harsh on most people for eyeliner. Try a chocolate brown as a substitute for times when you want to wear black.

Brown eyes have a wide range of colors that they can wear, so it's really up to you as to what you what to wear-

Chocolate brown, plum, hunter green, gold, bronze, copper, and even pale blues (if you feel adventurous.)

Just remember to match your eye shadow to your liner. No, this doesn't mean wearing all the same colors, but the shadow and liner should complement each other.What color eyeliner would look good on me?
Brown. If you want some color try some burgundy.
darrk darrrk green
I have dark brown eyes and pecan tan complexion...I opt for a soft brown eye liner for day time, it's clean, conservative and helps keep my look polished. If i'm going glam for a night on the town I don't shy away from black to create that smokey-sultry look. During those beach days I'll go for something more colorful, like a rich green, golds/coppers...

What it all comes down to is HOW you apply your eyeliner...
green or blue.

maybe a brownish?? light brown
well i suggest that the color of your eyes is soo dark that you might want like a brighter not too bright but a little so your eyes actually stick out umm you could try your favorite color like mine is pink and i l think that it looks good i get a lot of boys attention some of my friends also say that your favorite color really does work and look good so you should try that. Good Luck!!
white eyeliner makes your eyes pop...on anyone. especially people with tanned or dark skin...i've tried it, it look's's an article to read:鈥?/a>

have fun!!

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