Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can you clean eyeliner off your floor?

we had an problem and now there is eyeliner all over the floor... anyone know a way to clean it off?Can you clean eyeliner off your floor?
Get a little bit of Tide or any other liquid laundry detergent, a bucket, and some warm water. Put the detergent in the bucket with the warm water and get a sponge or washcloth soaked in the mixture and scrub the floor when the floor drys the eyeliner will be gone.Can you clean eyeliner off your floor?
don't use acetone, especially on a wood floor.....

use q-tips and baby oil or mineral oil, that's how you would get it out from underneath your eyes. then use soapy water to remove the baby or mineral oil.
Eye makeup remover - it's still eye makeup, just not on your eyes :)
try methylated spirits or mineral turpintine might also work. You can find this in the hardware store really easily.
try acetone
bug spray like ';OFF';. That's if it's linoleum or something like that.
Well, someone I know was a nurse and said she had to use alcohol to get the blood off of her hands. So try pouring alcohol, can be found in any store near the bandaids, and then after it sits scrubbing it up. Hope it works. ;]

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