Thursday, December 10, 2009

What will make waterproof eyeliner stay in place?

I tried many eyeliners but they alway ran down my face. I then got Urban Decay's waterproof eyeliner and even that runs. There is no such thing as putting too much on as I know of many girls who put on more than I do and theirs does not run.

I asked the lady at the Urban Decay counter and she said to use their eye primer, I am planning to get a primer but am reluctant as most people don't need it so what makes mine run down?

She said it must be my moisuriser but my sister and cousin use the same moisuriser and when they use the eye pencil theirs still does not run down. Also I have tried varying everything, sometimes I moisturise the eye area sometimes I don't nothing makes a difference to it running down. The mascara I use is not waterproof and that does not run down like the pencil does.What will make waterproof eyeliner stay in place?
Try MAC liquid eyeliner waterproof - it is VERY waterproof. If you haven't use a make up remover, you cannot clean it even when you take a shower%26amp; use a soap!!!!What will make waterproof eyeliner stay in place?
Is this a pencil eyeliner? If so have you tried liquid? I always found that pencil eyeliner never stayed in place and now use liquid religiously and have never had any problems.

I either buy the maybelline one, or an even better one believe it or not is collection 2000 in dark brown as the applicator is thicker making it easier to apply.

Hope that helps!
I've heard that a dab of face powder helps keep stuff in place.
i have the same problem, mine ALWAYS runs, i do find it helps to have a sharp pencil that has been kept for a few mins in the fridge beforehand so it does not go on smudgy. also you may want to try she-laq by benefit:鈥?/a> with a VERY black powder eyeshadow. you use one of the brushes (thin one) provided with the she-laq to dip into the bottle then run it into the eyeshadow and apply it to your eye like you would a pencil (in a thin line) it should seal it.
Well, dont go to drastic!

Firstly a tip that would help keep any type of makeup on, applying vaseline to the area keeps it on all day!

But in terms of eyeliner, I would go for one with a waxy texture or wax in it, it would be solid and waterproof.

Also, using moisturiser will only make it slip off more, so leave the area dry

If it STILL runs, try putting the eye pencil in the fridge, it sounds crazy but it works and I do it all the time! It makes it hard and solid, it stays on for ages!

Hope this helps

Tess =]

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