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so i really want to wear eyeliner because i love the way it looks. i really want natural look but not too natual that it looks like i dont have any on. so does anyone have any tips. or even better,,, does anyone have any reccomendations on good eyeliners.

thanks a bunch

Start with brown and work up to black. Don't buy one that requires sharpening or a liquid. There are a few Mabelline and Revlon who make the swivel up no sharpening kind. Do just above your top lashes and from the outside corner of your eye to the middle of your lower lashes, keeping the line inside your lower lashes, it will look natural and define your eyes. Beautiful! %26lt;3 XO!!!!eyeliner!!!?
Don't wear to much, especuilly on the lower lids. This one girl I know wears too much eye makeup on her lower lids and she looks really ugly.
I started wearing eyeliner in December and I'm 14. I LOVE it soo much. When I first started wearing it, I only put it on the bottom of my eye because I found it hard to put on my eyelid. But with enough practice, I finally mastered it. So now I have eyeliner on my top and bottom(: The blacker and thicker your eyeliner is, the smaller your eyes look. So if you want them to look big, don't put too much on. After all, it's called eyeLINER, meaning it is supposed to line your eye. As for the brands, I personally use ';Unstoppable'; by Maybelline. It's smudge proof, water proof and stays on for 24 hours if you don't take it off. It's about $4, and you can get it pretty much anywhere (Walmart, Longs, Target...)

Good luck and have fun!!

Omg there is this eyeliner that i got and it is THE BEST!!! It goes on sooooo smooth and just looks great!!! Everyone always complements me on my eyes and when i tell them about my eyeliner and tell them to try it they love it too!!! Its called jcolor.!!
Eyeliner is hard to put on correctly. I like Revlon products. Try to find a color that looks similar to your eyelashes. I have used blue and it was UGLY. Dont put it on too thick as that makes it look fake. I normally just to the corners of my eyes(outside-like cleopatra but not all the way to the eyebrows). I go from the outer corner to about the middle of my eye with a light hand and then finish up with a nice mascara. It wakes my eyes up when I do that. I dont line the upper lid ever.
ummm, well for the color i would use a beige eyeliner at first. it doesn't really show as much if you mess up. and i don't really know what the best brands are. :] hope i helped!
All depends on your skin tone. If your dark complected, then you should be able to get away with a muted brown. If your light complected, then you may need to go to a tan color. Put it lightly on your upper lids and just in the corner of your eye on the lower lids, and you will look like your wide awake and ready for the world, without looking heavily made up.
black eyeliner..but not too much and not too less..try only the bottom part of the eye lid it looks more natural
girl i totally understand

just apply to your eye and if it dosent look like you have any on add more and to make it look like u do add some on ur eyelid so it matches and people an tell
not knowing your coloring....brown is a pretty safe choice for everyone.....can be more natural than basic black and just as dramatic. plums, navys and olive greens can also be gorgeous and alot more wearable than you think.

as far as good eyeliners...i would choose one that has a twist-up tip rather than the kind you sharpen (covergirl and maybelline both have this kind). they tend to be softer which will give you a better line and is easier to use when you are just learning. some people find liquid liner easier, but other people find it more difficult and it definitely gives you a stronger, more noticeable line.

tips....when you are just starting, it works best to pull you lid slightly out to the side and stay as close to the lash line as possible. if you have a hard time making a straight line draw short dashes and then connect them. also, it there is a tool called a smudger (looks like a pointy sponge on a can find it with the brushes in any store) that you can use to soften the line too. A tightly wound cotton swab can also work.

it takes practice, but you will get it!

good luck!
A good cheap eyeliner is the Rimmel brand (which you can find at Target, Walgreens, Longs and other stores like that). If you want it to look natural, instead of drawing it on in a solid line, dab it on. Just hold your lid and make spots until it forms a line.
MAC technakohl liner is amazing! It's a soft substance, though, so don't press too hard when you use it. Also, has a ';chat with a makup artist'; thing, and they can give you tons of tips on applying it flawlessly!
Get a dark brown eyeliner from Bee-Luscious because it will give you a natural look but also noticeable without being dramatic. But anyway the eyeliners by Bee-Luscious are the best. The one I would recommend is the one for sensitive eyes because even if you don't have sensitive eyes most mascaras will make your eye itch at least a little. This can cause you to rub your eye without realizing it and smudge your eyeliner. Just type in Bee-Luscious in the web search by Yahoo or Google it.
dont wear it if you want a natural look.
walgreens has wet and wild liquid eyeliner that is cheap, comes in several colors and is easy to use
eyeliner is my love!!

if you want to have a natural looking eyeliner, try a tan or light brown color. I personally like khol %26amp;kontor from Sephora.

It goes on easily, and stays on all day. Its ten dollars, but worth the splurge!!!
I simply love Maybelline Expert eye liner and also define a line. I do better with a pencil than a liquid- it stays on better and is easier to apply.

It is reasonable priced so I can get one of each...about 6/47 @ Walmart in the TN area.
jemma kidd!! its awesome but its only in neiman marcuses in texas i think
Just don't put it on darkly. Wear brown or maybe a smoky gray.
if you have lighter skin do a brown or a dark brown

if you have dark skin stick to black

and the BEST eyeliner EVER has to be rimmel

it's based out of london but walmart just started selling it

(you can also get it at walgreens and I beleive target)

I suggest their roll-out eyeliner.

PS. If you want black just put it half-way REALLY light on the bottom to where it fades out kind of and then mascara on the top.
use cover girl in black or brown and only apply to the bottom lids (not the top).
i would go with a pencil eyeliner to begin with.....I always wear eyeliner...but don't wear too much during the the bold eyeliner for night...covergirl is really good...and avon

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