Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you put eyeliner on your top eyelashes?

I have tried, but it always turn out sloppy and uneven. I'm not even totally sure how to put it on very well.How do you put eyeliner on your top eyelashes?
When your starting, practice it. Go very slow. If you think you need to blink or twitch, just stop, and wait till it passes. Start with a pencil first. That you can smudge and make look fine if you mess it up. Once you've mastered that try liquid.How do you put eyeliner on your top eyelashes?
Putting eyeliner on top of your upper lashes makes your peepers wide and awake. It also creates an illusion of thick eyelashes. I always line my upper lashes, seldom below for a more natural look. To do it, pull your eyes to the side and line your eyes. By pulling the skin gently to the side, you will allow the liner to glide smoothly and create straight lines, not sloppy.

As an added tip, try lining your eyes up to the section where your eyelashes end (not the whole length of the lid). Well, it works for me as the liner wouldn't be so obvious it looks like your real eyelashes which is dark.
I use urban decay liner because its super creamy and easy to put on.

I simply pull on my lid and use short small strokes from my inner to outer corner.

And press it extremely close to my lashline because i don't like dark thick liner.
I pull my eye lid to the side (Chinese style) and start from the inner part and work my way out. For me, it turns out perfect every time
practice makes perfect
put your lid to the side, and take it slow and concentrate

watch a video on youtube

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