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How old should I be before I start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow everyday?

Well not everyday, but for when I go out and to school.How old should I be before I start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow everyday?
Well, if you are a minor make sure your parents are cool with it first. If so, don't put a ton on. It just looks bad. Learn to do it right. You can go to a mall and have one of the people in the department stores show you. Being a mom of 4 teenagers, I really let them decide but I keep it under control. No dark purple eye shadow with thick, black eye liner and mascara, no dark red lipstick. You get it I think. It just looks trashy. Try to look as natural as possible. It looks pretty that way.

I think Elementary school is way too young though.How old should I be before I start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow everyday?
I started wearing eyeliner when I was 11 or 12 with my mom's permission. I would not say there is a set age when you should start wearing makeup; some girls never wear makeup.

I would say the right age is when you and your parents feel comfortable with it.

Eyeliner hasn't been shown to cause wrinkles to the best of my knowledge. It can do damage if you share eyeliner with other girls or keep it for too long. They hold on to bacteria and can cause eye infections or irritation.

Just don't share your eye makeup and make sure you wash it off thoroughly every night.
It doesn't matter how old you are, you can wear eyeliner and eyeshadow any time. If you use proper make up remover, then it can get it all off really well. They do little bottles of non-perfumed make up remover in places like Boots, so you could wear the make up and make sure you take care of your eyes as well by using the remover. You'll make your eyes beautiful!!
well tbh you shouldnt really wear makeup till your like 18, but saying that i started wearing it when i was about 13 because of personal problems like acne and pores. but lots of my friends have perfect skin, but they still cover up with foundation which i think isnt right, but it is there choice. and as far as wrinkles and damaged eyes, your gunna get that in later life anyway and tbh i dont think wearing sensible amounts of makeup will increase the chance.just remember so remove the makeup gently every night with a cotton pad and keep your skin clean and moisturised :D , just dont over do it on the makeup hun:) xxxxx
Well, Im 14 and I started wearing my face of makeup (Foundation, bronzer/blusher, eyeliner, mascarra and pressed powder) when I was about 13. And most of that was for school aswell and to be honest my skin is actually fine =] But just wear what you feel comfortable in, and just because your friends might wear a lot doesn't mean you have to, im sure your pretty without the makeup convering your face =] .. Much love x
I never really started wearing makeup until highschool (14-15 years old) but if you're planning on wearing only a bit I guess it doesn't matter too much. Remember too much makeup isn't sexy! I'm not sure if it will damage your skin or not..I have worn foundation, eyeliner and mascara everyday now for nearly 2 years and I do not think there are many changes in my skin. But, natural-based makeup is always better for you. Make sure it is oil free too cuz that will clog your pores
well i would say about 15 but if you are going to wear it every day change your eyeshadow and mascara every month either that or you are more likely to get an eye infection wash your eyeshadow brush every week sharpen your liner every week it will remove bacteria

first sign of an eye infection bin the lot don't wear any make up for two weeks or you risk reinfecting yourself then buy some new stuff
i'd say 13 cos thats when you become a teen

but to be honest, you can start whenever you want, like if you feel more secure wearing it than go for it

I wasn't allowed to wear eyeliner until I was 16. But I was allowed to wear very light eyeshadow (light pink, beige, lavender, etc) when I was 13 or so.

It's not really up to us, you know. It will depend on what your parents say.
no i wear eyeliner every day it's fine just when ur taking it off be really genital and don't rub and pull the skin or it will go saggy i think it is fine to wear make up especially if u feel more comfortable with it on :)
i was 15-16 , i never wore make up for school u dont need 2 wear it at all ur 13 an if you wear it everyday, when u do have a special occasion you wont look no different =)
Well i think you can at any age, just not to much.

I think the age is good around 12 or 13
Whenever you like, but remember, most of the time, less is more :)
any age :) depends what type of person you are..i started wearing like eyeliner when i was about 11 or 12:)
make sure u wash it ....probly even on the water line and eyelash line %26gt;%26lt; or it gets infcted if it does throw away the makeup u used get eye ointment and dont wear make-up until it clears TOTALLY!!! wtf i went onto somert else u can be any age lol

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