Thursday, December 3, 2009

What color eyeshadow and eyeliner go with blue eyes?

I am fair-skinned with dirty blonde hair.

Brand names would be helpful, too. Thanks!What color eyeshadow and eyeliner go with blue eyes?
we look the samee:)

blue eyes, dirty blond hair and fair skin.

its kinda hard fining stuff for our eyes and when i go to make up counters they always give me orange and dark blue, but the best thing i have found is brown eyeliner instead of black with brown mascara, green and blue eyeliners will also look really good, for eyeshadow i like using light pink and skin tone colors b.c. other colors take away from our eyes.

my fav. brand is clinique.:)What color eyeshadow and eyeliner go with blue eyes?
Well for blue eyes, silver usually works best, i would not use a really bold color because of your complection. Also for eyeliners, i would use a gray, a cobalt blue, or a black. With fair skin, a bit of pale pink blush on your cheeks always looks cute to warm up your face. If you have big eyes, you can outline the entire eye, but with small eyes, you definately don't want to because it makes them appear smaller, only do the top, the bottom, or the corners. Also, you could aply white eyeshadow under the brow line, on the lid, and in the crease of your eye lightly before you put on any shadows, it high lights the eye better.
deffinetly use light brown with orangish undertones, looks AMAZING with blue eyes (for the eyeshadow)

now for eyeliner, either black or a plum :)
Brown eyeliner and copper eyeshadow.
go back to art and use use the color wheel to find complimentary colors
well withyour hair color and eyes a light eyeshadow like about white wud look cute on you :) and black eyeliner
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