Thursday, December 3, 2009


so i have my first eyeliner but cause i do not wear makeup can someone tell how to put it on please?Eyeliner??
if you want it on your inner eye, pull your bottom part of your eye a bit and just run it back and forth along your water line until its dark as you want it. for the top i think its really trial and error, theres really no easy way to explain make-up tutorials on youtube, and you will see how easy it is.鈥?/a>Eyeliner??
go in front of a mirror.

pull down the lower eyelid with the less dominant hand and hold the eyeliner with the other.

on the water line, the line above the eyelashes, press down with the eyeliner.

go from where the tear duct is to the outer corner.

it's pretty much the same as drawing, except you have to be more careful.

This is what I do ;

Top : I pull my eye lid off to the side, as if I looked like I was Asian, %26amp;then I'd apply the eyeliner back %26amp;forth to if I wanted a lot or very little .

Bottom : I pull the bottom eyelid down %26amp;just go back %26amp;forth with the eyeliner .
okay, usually for starters on eyeliner, just do it on your bottom lid.

now kind of pull down the bottom lid and the little line where your eyelashes are, gently rub the eyeliner on that!

does that help any?
Just pull your bottom lid down a little bit and put the eyeliner on the edge where your bottom lashes are.

For first time it'll look great.

Your eyes will water a little if your not used to it but it'll stop soon.
First stand about 6 inches away from your mirror.

Second, pull the OUTER CORNER of your eye lid outwards.

Third, start from the inside area (NEAR YOUR NOSE) and draw with the eyeliner outwards toward your ear.

Hope it helps you!
okay before you listen to any of these

people go to you tube and type in ';how to put on eyeliner';

trust me it will help, i learned almost everything i know about makeup from youtube!!!
go on youtube and search : How to apply eyeliner

and watch the video
just pull down ur lower eye lid and rub the eyeliner on.

ur eyes may get watery at first but they will get used to it. :)

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