Thursday, December 3, 2009


i have No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (05 Black) and i want to know how to wear it without it smudging. are there any useful tips to keep it from smudging around my eyes so i dont get 'panda eyes'. thanks is advance xEyeliner..?
have No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil (05 Black) too and i wear it in a very thin line just where my bottom eyelashes grow out from! it looks really nice and doesnt smodge!

HOPE THIS HELPS!!!Eyeliner..?
use bobbie brown liquid eyeliner i had to switch from pencil to that because pencil smudges so trust me it works
Pencils are going to smudge a little no matter what you do. I would recommend some kind of liquid eyeliner if you don't want any sumdging. But if you decide to stick with the pencil, make sure you put a little foundation around your eyes before applying the eyeliner. It makes it ';stick'; a little more than if you just put it directly on your skin.
sorry i don't wear eyeliner pink_jac...
after youve applied it grab a cotton swab and slowly smudge it along the line, do that above and below ur eyelash line
eye pencil are specially used for smoky eye effect...which can be achieved by eye pencil so i recommend u buy liquid eyeliners.for ur reference;_DARGS=/browse/templates/level_three_assortment.jhtml
eyeliner pencils usually do smudge, unless you make VERY thin lines on your eyelids.

i recommend using mac FLUIDLINE. no smudging what so ever.
dont get liquid eyeliner what ever you do

when you put it on guide it over your eyelid.

If you do the top of your eye then do that first.

If you feel your eyes get watery then blink fast, dont rub your eyes.

at the edge of your eye (closest to your nose) rub once towards your nose. Then rub down. This makes it not smudge.

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