Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is the best eyeliner colour for brown eyed girl?

I'm going shopping on Black Friday and was thinking that on buying some eyeliners.

I already have black eyeliner and it's boring. I don't like wearing eye shadows but only eyeliners.

So do you have any ideas on colours for brown eyes.What is the best eyeliner colour for brown eyed girl?
Plum or forest green. I have brown eyes, and both of those colors look amazing. They really make my eyes pop.What is the best eyeliner colour for brown eyed girl?
Well, if ur going to use a color use blue because you always want to use the opposite color of your eye to bring it out. You could also do a simple brown or black I would suggest black. Though depending on your skin color you could go with a brown or gray if your not tan, but pale.

Hope I helped.

Have fun with your eyes...try brown,white,blue..don't limit yourself to one color...i have brown eyes and i wear a brownish red eyeliner by mac that does great with my eyes....also, if you want your eyes to pop..go white...use a white liner..(not too much of it)!..but it will bring out the brown...
Purple and gold both brighten brown eyes. Try drawing a thick line along your upper lash line and smudging it, then line underneath your bottom lashes and inside the rim of you bottom lid. You will be amazed at the difference!
Dark jewel tones.

Navy, emerald green and especially purples and plums. I really like Annabelle eyeliner.
I have this really pretty purple color.

my eyes are green.

but uh.. lol.

green looks really good on dark skin.

and blue. =]
purple eyelinerr would look awesumm(:
a darker shade of purple

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