Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do I apply eyeliner to fit the emo look?

I am emo and the one thing I can never do is apply eyeliner. I am always messing up!How do I apply eyeliner to fit the emo look?
emo is part of a genre .


god !........

but anyways you wont probably wont look scene even you have eyeliner

stop labeling yourself cause its so sad

then people will call you a pathetic poserHow do I apply eyeliner to fit the emo look?
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Well, i used to be Emo and i had the same problem...i just put a little bit just above the eye, still in the eyelid. Report Abuse's what yah do. Attach a chainsaw to it...

Why do these pathetic excuses of human beings exsist? Report Abuse

l Report Abuse

be yourself Report Abuse

It's so ******* stupid to label yourself.

K LOVE YA ***** %26lt;3 Report Abuse

apply heavy. but it normally just comes naturally Report Abuse

dontt label your self or anyone else it makes you suchh a poserr so just stop Report Abuse

practice it will get better! (trust me i know)
You should get an ';angled'; eyeshadow brush and some black eyeshadow. Wet your brush a little bit (or you can do it dry, the wet look will look a little duller) and take a piece of tissue to dab the brush (very lightly) until you see no water coming off of it but it is still damp and then rub your brush into the black eyeshadow. Carefully apply ';under'; the bottom eyelash line (make sure it's not super thick) and smudge with your finger a little bit! If after you smudge the black it's too light do it again. Then get some regular black eyeliner and line the ';inside'; of your ';bottom'; lash line. You should be set after that!
well, i can tell you how i apply eye liner......i put a line of black eyeliner under my eyes and then i take black eyeshadow and put that over top the liner, it makes your eyes look smoky, i love how it looks, i had trouble with liner for years, once i started putting it on like this i haven't changed it, its been like 5 years....
black, bottom%26amp;%26amp;top lids...THICK!!
please dont do the racoon thing. around the entire eye. it dosent flatter anyone. when i wore eyeliner i just put it on my top eyelid in a thin line. i was emo too for a few years. just create your own style!
you can either use the liquid eyeliner or just the pasty eyeliner (the pencil type).

If you'll use the liquid eyeliner it will give you a precise line and you can control what type of line you want to draw on your lids.. (it's just like painting)

But if you'll use the pasty type eyeliner you could smudge it after. and that will give you the smoky effect like that of emo types.

To apply it (eyeliner)

what I do is.. I hold my eyelashes against my skin (while my eye's shut) with my finger from my left hand while I apply the eyeliner using my right hand (that's if you are a righty)
Ouch that's pretty important. Maybe that's your body trying to tell you not to be emo.
just put on all on your top lid and do a couple swipes across on the bottom


put x on your eyes鈥?/a>

just be creative with it change it everyday

there's lots of things you can do ^_^
put eyliner halfway on one side of each eye it is hard to explain so sorry that is the best i got
Step 1. Don't be emo. Be happy!

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