Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do I get my eyeliner to do what I want it to?

I put eyeliner on my bottom lid every day. When I look in the mirror a few hours later, it is all smudged underneath my eyes, which makes it looks trashy. How do I get it to not smudge like that?How do I get my eyeliner to do what I want it to?
That used to happen to me all the time!! Anyways, if you put a little bit of powder (like for your face) where your liner goes before applying it, the liner stays perfectly.

Our skin around our eyes is the slickest part of our face so by putting the powder there, it gives grip and counteracts the oilHow do I get my eyeliner to do what I want it to?
Put Powder where your going to put eyeliner..

And after you put it on put power on the very edge of your eyeliner.

Works for me..

Or just use waterproof liquid eyeliner, that doesnt smudge at all.

and if you cant use the liquid liner(hard for me too)

Just apply your pencil/auto eyeliner then use the waterproof liquid eyeliner on top, its like using the pencil liner as a guide.

Other way is just to bring a mirror with you and wipe away smudges and apply again every hour or so.. annoying but if you want to wear make up then yehh.. its what i do, get use to it really.

Put powder underneath your eyes. Eyeliner is usually not supposed to go on your inner lid even though it looks great the first few hours its on but definitely buy powder and maybe a new type of eyeliner. Physicians Formula(you can find it at a drug store) and Sephora have GREAT eye liners!
the thing i just started to do is kinda long, but it works.

so first i put on my pencil eyeliner like i always do, then i take some liquid liner (i use dark brown since its less harsh on my skin) and draw over the bottom lid line i already did. Then i smudge and put a bit of eye shadow (same color as liner) over the lined part so its less pronounced. and it stays on all day that way!
It's most likeyly the kind of liner you're using.

From my personal experience, the ONLY pencil liner that doesn't smudge on my waterline is Urban Decay's 24/7 pencil. It works awesome!!! I think it's waterproof too, if i'm not mistaken =]
use a liquid liner, they dry on and dont smudge. u cant rly help ur eyeliner from smearing, the reason y is becuz of the heat, naturally prodiuced tears (u produce a tiny bit of tears a few times a day to wash out ur eyes) and ppl rubbing their eyes.
if your using a pencil u can try heating it up first. hold your lighter to it for about 2 seconds, then apply and it stays for a very long time. liquid eyeliners can run but if u use a dry pencil first then apply the liquid liner it should also stay all day.
I use black shadow as eyeliner, and apply it on with a thin angled brush. It lasts me at least 6 hours.
Invest in a better eyeliner? Or smudge it when you first put it on, so it is not a harsh line on the lash line..Or touch up every hour or so..and put foundation or concealer and powder on the skin underneath.
Try a new eyeliner like a liquid water proof one(be careful when you put it on) or just a liquid one. It's much easier to handle with.
it matters if ur eyes r very wattery

and if they r it gets smugged alll under my eye

it happens all time at skkoll

or at home like now
im having the same problem

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