Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you avoid your eyeliner smearing under your eyes?

I love my eyeliner, in fact, it is the only piece of makeup that I can NOT live without. But, before 2 hours passes, I find myself in the mirror wiping away the smearing eyeliner underneath my eyes. Any advise would help.How do you avoid your eyeliner smearing under your eyes?
Since you say you can NOT live without it, this may sound a little extreme; but find yourself a good professional tattoo artist. And have your eyeliner tattooed on. Its permanent, it doesnt run, and it doesnt give you ';raccoon eyes';.

I had it done 4 years ago, and I have never been happier. And I dont have to mess with cleaning up the smears from ';so called waterproof eyeliners';.How do you avoid your eyeliner smearing under your eyes?
put mascara on your lower lashes
use a liquid eyeliner and powder over top
Don't cry, don't rub your eyes.

and use nyc eyeliner...its cheap and doesnt smudge
Yes Tyra Banks says to apply powder before your liner and it shouldnt smudge. If this doesnt work switch to ';wear infinite'; by L'Oreal. Also when I buy cheap I apply just a little bit above where I want it. Not so close to the lashes.Good Luck.
try a different brand.
make sure you buy a good eyeliner. A lot of the cheaper brands smear. Waterproof might help too.
Use aloe vera under it first.
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The best way, which works for me, is just taking regular old eyeshadow and applying it over the eyeliner. same color of course, but hey it works.
Try one of the waterproof liners. I love them. They dont run or smear. Maybe the kind/brand you use comes in waterproof. If not...look around.
use a waterproof eyeliner. i love revlon's colorstay, it WILL NOT smear!!
well i found this cool stuff at the store.... i think it said either non-smear or waterproof or somthing like that, and my friend bought it cuz she was having ur same problem. so far it has worked for her.
I used to have this problem as well. Once i stopped using eye liner in pencil form i havent had the problem. I use a damp eye liner brush and a powder eye liner from MAC. I also first apply a small amount of concealer and powder under my eyes. Goodluck!
I use pencil liner by Dior and it never smears. (all my makeup is Dior, LOVE Dior).

An idea, maybe apply a black shadow with an angle brush just below your lashline then apply the liner over top of that if you still think you need it. Sometimes a harsh line under your lashes comes off as too harsh. You might soften up your look a bit if you use an eyeshadow instead.

HAve you ever applied pencil liner to the inside of your lower lid (like where your tearduct sits?) cause that could be a cool alternative to under the lashes, then just dot your liner under your lashes where you need to fill in your lashline if at all...
use water proof !
Powder that area before applying eye liner.
Use a pressed powder on your face before anything else. It will keep most makeup in place. Also, don't poke around at your eyes too much...if they tear up or something, blot with a tissue instead of rubbing with your hands.

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