Thursday, December 10, 2009

How do you wear eyeliner on the bottom lid?

Whenever i put eyeliner on my bottom lid it always looks bad. I sometimes put it on the inner rim but i feel it makes my eyes look smaller?How do you wear eyeliner on the bottom lid?
well it does make your eyes look smaller if you put it on the water line can start by using black or dark brown eyeshadow instead of a real liner first and start applying it little by little on your bottom lashes as close as you can to the water line but just on your lashes and you can use a q tip to fix it if you mess up until you have it how you want it....even the best make up artists mess up sometimes so you just have to try different things and play with it until you get itHow do you wear eyeliner on the bottom lid?
I like to put liner on the inner rim; my eyes look bad if I only put it on the bottom lid and not the inner rim. Plus putting it on the rim gives my eyes that ';squinty'; look that you see on models and celebrities. But if you only want to put it on the bottom lid, put on a little bit using small strokes. If you put on too much, smudge off some of it with a makeup sponge
some people use white/silver eyeliner for the bottom lid. you could put your eyeliner in the refridgerator for 15 minutes before you put it on. it will be less messy. draw the eyeliner right below the inner rim at the beginning of the bottom lashes.
Try to put on very little, cause little goes a long way. I just gently sweep a few times back and forth with my brown pencil, and it makes your eye pop while still looking natural. Once you figure it out, it will look amazing. You just need to sit down and try doing it different ways until you like it. Good luck!
It does.. I would start at the outer corner and go about half way in and stop.. don't line your entire eye, it does make your eyes look smaller. Also, I just put my eye liner underneath those eyelashes, not in the inner rim. Also, don't make it super thick! :]
you can apply a thin layer underneath your lashes. if you make a mistake use a cotton swab to erase it. You can apply lotion on it for a smoother cleaner look
what I do is instead of using pencil eyeliner, I use a black eye shadow and apply it with an eyeliner brush, it looks good and its easy to do!

hope I helped !!!


Try putting the eyeliner just under the lashes, on the outside. A thin line using the right color will enhance your eyes instead of making them look smaller.
Studys say the liner below the lashes make eyes look bigger.

liner above them make eyes look smaller.

I do both.
For big eyes, it can make them look smaller. Try without and see what comments you get.
I only put on a really thin line. Too much looks like a hot mess.

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