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What is a good age to start wearing eyeliner?

My 13 year old already wears lip gloss, mascara, and eye shadow. Should I allow her to wear eyeliner? She has worn it to a party once, but that's it.What is a good age to start wearing eyeliner?
Ha! I'm practically 17, and still don't wear any makeup. Doesn't your daughter think that she's beautiful without it? None of it is necessary at all.What is a good age to start wearing eyeliner?
she sounds kind of like a slut to me. i would just be very cautious. i dont think i would even let her wear any make-up. if i were you i would talk to her about make-up, guys, sex, and other things like that because most 13 year old girl who wear that much make-up and go to partys are tramps and get pregnant.
I'm 13. My mom lets me wear:

Eyeshadow. eyeliner, and lipgloss. Sometimes foundation. When we are having a special occasion I can wear more:

Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and sometimes mascara, and some shiny lip-gloss.

It's up to you where to draw the line though. My mom is very strict sometimes though and she lets me wear makeup, and she lets my friend give me a ';makeover.'; But if my friend puts too much makeup on me, my mom makes me take it off. I think if she wears eyeliner too, that would be fine. But that's up to you.

Good luck! :)
I'm 13 and I wear it sometimes. Never to school. I only wear lip gloss, mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow to school. Maybe start out with her wearing it on the weekends or to a party and work your way from there. Good Luck (:
Yeah I'd allow it if she's allowed to wear all that stuff she should be able to wear eyeliner. Just teach her how to put on the right amount.
I think as a mother that you should be able to mamke this decision yourself...if she is already wearing make up I don't see why not...just make sure she knows the proper way to put it on...
i say for lip gloss mascara and eye shadow thirteen is good. :) thats when i started wearing it all this year :).

for eye liner high school is the appropiate age...:)
yes its normal

and if shes emo let her wear 10 pounds of eyeliner ^.^


yes it is normal to start wearing make up at that age so you have nothing to worry about
i think its fine for her to wear eyeliner but make surre its not BLACK, black looks too common and trashy. and don't let me line the inner rim, i would suggest a lighter color like brown or something. i wear a light purple because it brings out the green in my eyes and i like to be a little different
yeh i would let her wear some, but dont let her put it on heavily, maybe start with a bit of eyeline on the top eyelid first to see how it goes.
I think that 13 is a grand age to start. She already wears make-up, why not complete the look with eyeliner? Just make sure that she doesn't wear too much make-up, or she'll look trampy. You should help her pick out the shades of her make-up, and make sure that they're neutral enough, like, not flashy or anything. You wouldn't want her to look older than she is : that could lead to trouble.
i personally think 13 is too young for any type of make-up. letting her do so will only let her grow up faster than needed
duh she in middle school already and all the girls wear make up including eyeliner, when i started to wear make up i didn't even ask my mom
I don't see what's the big deal about wearing eyeliner it's not that different from mascara %26amp; eyeshadow so sure you could let her wear it just make sure she doesn't over do it
Well, if you allow her to wear makeup, tell her she can wear eyeliner but not too much (probably just a little)...

wow, i'm 14 and i dont wear makeup yet
She is 13 she is only experimenting, I think around 14 or 15, but you don't want them growing up too fast.

I started wearing make up from when I was 12/13 and I still do (of course!), I loved make up and experimenting but I actually never tried eyeliner, because I was too scared to try, It looks horrible to put it on and because I always thought it looks horrible!

When girls go over the top on Eyeliner it takes away their natural beauty and makes them look tired looking.

I advice you to tell your daughter that she has natural eauty and doesn't need it but I can say to let her experiment but not to go over the top.

Hope I helped,

Good Luck!
I think that 18 is a good age to start wearing makeup of any kind....Well thats actually what my mom thinks but I won't even start to tell you what i think of her ideas. My idea is that girls should be allowed to wear eye-shadow, mascara, and lip gloss when they are thirteen and eyeliner when they are fourteen. And also I am thirteen so I kind of know what I am talking about
I would say as long as it looks good and not trashy. Make sure she still looks pretty much 13 and it should be ok
yea. shes already wering eyeshadow and mascara- why dont make it more beautiful-er
Ya totally I mean I started wearing it in 6th grade so ya
I am 15 and I just started wearing eyeliner. Your daughter should be fine, just don't let her go all Avril Lavigne with it!!

Here is a link to a pic of Avril with a lot of eyeliner!…
i have worn it since i was 11 or 12.

Im 15 now
make-ups annoying!!!

im 14

jus to let ya know, only preppy girls wear make-up at my school. and im def not preppy. thank goodness. its too expensive and time consuming! i prefer puttin a basketball on someones face rather than makeup. thats jus me tho.
A special occasion, or when you know you need it.

Don't wear it to school, maybe once in a while.
It really depends. At the age of 13 like me, after you already wear mascara and stuff eyeliner really doesn't make a difference unless you put a lot on. Most 13 year olds wear all the makeup, blush, eyeliner, everything, to feel more mature, but put it on very lightly so it looks nice. (well i do)
I started wearing eyeliner when I was 13, but only eyeliner and eyeshadow. If you think it would make you and/or her feel better, you might reassure her that she looks fine without makeup, or even encourage her and say the makeup really brings out her eyes (as long as you're being honest, say whichever you think is better). Needless to say, eyeliner doesn't mean much in my book, and when I see people with it, it just means they're emphasizing their eyes, and if her's are pretty, it might be beneficial for her to wear it.
That sounds like an awful lot of make up for a 13 year old girl....
I've worn makeup since 13, including eyeliner. If you already allow her to wear what she does wear, then eyeliner just completes the look. It's not that bad. I didn't ask to wear makeup, my mom just starting buying a lot of it for me when I was 13. I still don't wear it everyday, just when I feel like putting it on, which is weekends, dates, formal things, and a few days out of the school year. But I would say, make sure you warn her that if she doesn't clean it off completely at night, it will make her skin wrinkle faster. ♥

P.S. when I do wear makeup, I only line the bottom of my eyes.
well, i'm only a year older and i wear eyeliner, but most girls my age started wearing it before, and if she wears it properly you should barely notice it so she could get away with wearing it without looking trashy. I would say anywhere from 13-15 years old. Depends on how old she looks, because there are some people look way older than they actually are or way younger and so she could pull it off if she looks a lot older.
Mascara and lip gloss for everyday.

The rest for special occasions.
Well if she is wearing everything else, why not? I personally wouldn't have had her wear make up at all. I was 15 and in hight school when i started. 13 is a little young.

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