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Can someone help me out a little? I have some issues with eyeliner. I don't want to line the pink inside part of my eye, can Ihave some tips? I can do all other makeup like a pro. Eyeliner is really hard for me because I have a shaky hand. Basically, I am asking for some tips on applying eyeliner.Eyeliner...?
When you apply your eyeliner, try putting your elbow on something sturdy... if your not applying to the pink make sure the point on your pencil is sharp to avoid too thick of a lining... unless you are going for the thick look... apply it just below the lashes...Eyeliner...?
I think you should use a pencil instead. Stand in front of a mirror and put your elbow on something sturdy like the counter. Then widen your eyes and slowly put it on. A pencil is much better because liquid eyeliner smears. Hope that helps!
pull your eyebrow up so that the part where eyeliner is to go on shows. lightly stroke eyeliner on area. then darken if you want
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ok. you should put eyeliner on the part of your eyelid that touches your eyelashes. that is what i do sometimes.
Use a pencil liner
Use a that one that rolls out but isn't really liquid because you get a more even line on both sides.
I dont like liquid eye liners because i also have a shaky hand and the line gets really crooked and since it is liquid it iritates my eyes...but i like Lor茅al Paris Pencil Perfect in Ebony ;)
Oh my God hunny doesn't that hurt? I just lightly apply my eyeliner on or under the lash(I wear it on the bottom). But whether or not it's on the top or bottom of your eye get on or very close to the eyelash.
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