Thursday, December 10, 2009

How can I make Eyeliner stay on the bottom eyelid?

I've tried every brand of drug store eyeliner there is, nothing seems to stay all day.How can I make Eyeliner stay on the bottom eyelid?
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http://geebal.blogspot.comHow can I make Eyeliner stay on the bottom eyelid?
try not to blink as much and get water proof eye liner.
Revlon stays on all day for me, even when I workout!
yeah, it's tough. ive found that waterproof liquid eyeliner works best for me. i love it.
pencil it in.... heavy... I think.....
lol u cant-- ive tried every brand out there nothing stays-- but a good trick--- take a few q-tips--- an make sure u put eyeliner--on the ends-- an then put in a plastic baggie-- then put in ur purse-- soo when u go to the bathroom u can do a quick fix---- also ive found that using mascara instead of eyeliner works--- sounds funny- --- but waterproof mascara will stay on ur bottom lids better than eyeliner-- so give it a shot-- works for me!
smudge it some and see if youcan use the waterproof ones.those things work miracles.
Try a water proof or oil eyeliner and aply powder before you put the eyeliner. It will help you to stay longer.
Make sure you apply it just under the lashes. If you are applying it above, it will come off easier because of the liquid from your eye. Keeping it close to the lases, apply it just underneath. Liquid eyeliner is good for lasting a long time but it takes a lot of practice and it is very dark.
liquid eyeliner works well, for me.
Spray a light coat of hairspray (about 12 inches) from face. Be sure to close your eyes. Holds all makeup all day. Just a little, tiny squirt.
Could it be that you have oily skin? I got majorly oily skin myself, so it's amazing if I don't have to reapply!

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