Thursday, December 3, 2009

What type of eyeliner should I use to line the inside of my eyes?

Does liquid or pencil work best? Also, how do you avoid this looking like racoon eyes, if you know what I mean? I really just want to define my eyes but not over do it.What type of eyeliner should I use to line the inside of my eyes?
Smashbox jet set, it's actually a creme eyeliner and so easy to use -- It is AMAZING.. Many different colors including the regular black and brown -- It's waterproof, and opthamologist tested so it wont bother your eyes!

--You can find it at Sephoria, Ulta and Nordstroms!What type of eyeliner should I use to line the inside of my eyes?
a soft pencil. this is what i use. the kind that click out, self sharpening or whatever.
it would be better if it was pencil. From my experience, liquid eyeliner sometimes went inside my eyes. Also try white eyeliner for the inside of your eyes. It makes them look really big like 0-0 haha =)
Actually you should never line the inside of your eyelid, only the outside. Top lid-just above the lashes and/or Bottom lid-just beneath them. It looks really harsh when lining the inside plus it makes your eyes look smaller. I like to use a very thin line liquid on top and a soft pencil on bottom. Definitely use a liner that won't smudge. :)
i wouldnt recommend that you line the inside aka inner rim of your eyes. there have been cases where the liner gets into the eye and causes irritation/infections to occur. esp if you wear contacts. so best to apply your eyeliner on the outer rim of your lower eyelid i.e. just at the line where your eyelashes grow. try not to put it on the pinky part which i believe is where u are putting it. putting it on the inner rim will also make your eyes look smaller compared to putting it on the outer rim. definitely use a soft pencil liner on the bottom and a bold liquid liner on the top lid. to prevent the liner from smudging as much as possible, use a good concealer and loose powder so that the liner has something dry to set to instead of melting.
Use kohl eyeliner, it's the best eyeliner out there...

If you want to do that just don't smudge your eyeliner. Be precise..
I find that it's best to line the insides of your eyes with retina, or alternatively rods and cone cells. They absorb light well and make it easy to see things.
mac kohl eyeliner

the best
i think you should use the soft eyeliner too, but when your doing the inside of your eye put a few eye drops in after, i didnt for like a month and got a huge stye which makes your eye swel to the size of a golfball

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