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How can you stop eyeliner from smearing on the lower lash line?

I use an Elizabeth Arden pencil but it's terrible. I have eye primer apparently that only works for eyeshadow, and I don't want liquid eyeliner because it looks too dramatic.

What brand can I use or what do you recommend?How can you stop eyeliner from smearing on the lower lash line?
Here's a simple trick:

After using your pencil liner, dip a liner brush in eye shadow of the same color and trace it along the lash line. The eyeliner pencil tends to leave a bit of wax making it smudge. The eyeshadow will seal in the color and fill in any spaces. MAC shadows are great and highly pigmented.How can you stop eyeliner from smearing on the lower lash line?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

I actually apply my eyeliner on the inside of my lower eyelid. I use Perfect Point Plus by Covergirl. It isnt a pencil that you have to sharpen and its not liquid. You twist the dial at the bottom and it rolls fresh eyeliner at the top. There is also a little sponge at the end for you to blot the eyeliner in case it smears. But when you apply on the inside of the eyelid it is much less messy and definitely not as dramatic. I think this might be the look you are going for. Here is the website:鈥?/a>

Hope this helps and good luck!!! :)
Most eyeliners will probably smear at some point, but I have this little trick to stop if from smudging too much. I take just a little bit translucent powder and dap it right under where i put my eyeliner after i put on my eyeliner. It acts kinda like a barrier i guess, and stop it from drooping and smearing and stuff.

Hope this helps.
Either use a waterproof eyeliner, or put it on very lightly, and very think so it doesn't clump. Usually the smallest clumps will fall and smear all over the lower lash line.

Hoped I helped.
i usually just use eyeshadow as eyeliner cause it doesn't smear, it's powder so it stays on longer.

i put that on and use a q-tip with lotion to take off the shadow i don't want or to make it less thick.
MAC has a wax that you and put under concealer and eyeshadow it helps keep the make up stay put from w/sweating, oils, and tearing. also use a water proof eyeliner.
Try using some Maybelline or NYC Color concealer. That's what I do, and it really helps the smearing. Good luck!

Also, try MAC.

Hope, this helps! :D
tht happends alot to me too i use the define a line by maybeline its the best one tht works so far for me (:

answer mine!!!!!!鈥?/a>
what I do is, I put on my black pencil eyeliner, and then set it with black eye shadow. It never really smudges unles its humid out or i get wet.
you can buy a special type of primer that you put over it that will make it last all day.
Try setting your eyeliner with the same coloured eyeshadow powder.
Get brown liquid eyeliner. It's not dramatic-looking, in fact it looks smooth if you do it right. And it doesn't smudge or smear at all.

if you're not already, use a waterproof liner. doesn't even need to be expensive!
melt it.. use a light or your hair straighteners (and clean em after). if you do it gentle on the end then it stays looking newly applied.. i promise :) i know it sounds weird
Covergirl all the way.
Go to youtube and search for xsparkage, she does makeup and eye stuff :)
use waterproof idk any specific brand
Use a waterproof liner.
get like revlon.. or read the things and make sure they say ';lasts for hours'; and water resistant (if possible)
Stop crying, emo.
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