Thursday, December 3, 2009

What colour of eyeliner would go best with blue eyes?

I have white, black, brown, green, blue, and purple eyeliner so what would look best with blue eyes.What colour of eyeliner would go best with blue eyes?
I have blue eyes, and I wear a soft grey eyeliner. You can also take a little white and put it on the lower lid for that kind of *Good Morning Sunnyshine!* look. If you want to look a little funkier, I know a girl with really deep blue eyes who wears a lot of purple and green eyeliner. Those can look stellar as well.What colour of eyeliner would go best with blue eyes?
on the inner 'V' shape of the lid, use the white, it'll make you look wide awake and fresh. on the outside, try the blue or the black, depending on what you're wearing.

brown looks great as well, but not so good with black mascara.
Hi my name is Kriss and I see you have a question about make-up. I'm an Independent Sales Consultant for Mary Kay and I would love to go over some eyeliners, eye shadows and colors or whatever your looking for. Hit me back and I can send you some samples and a mailer of our cosmetics line. You can also go on the website marykay ( dot ) com ( forward slash ) kgraves02 and order off line and get it in no time. Hope to chat with you soon!
If you wish to bring out the color of your blue eyes then you need to use a color at the opposite side of the color wheel. For blue this is orange. This does not mean that you should wear orange eyeliner, but a liner that has undertones of orange. This could be a brown or bergundy. You could wear black liner too, but it can sometimes look stark against blue eyes, especially light blue eyes. This is best for high-drama looks, particularly if you have light hair. Blue liners will blend in with you eye color and mute it. This might be something you want at times, but is not ideal for making your blue eyes pop. Green liner is complimentary to blue being on the same side of the color wheel so it will accent your eye color, but not neccessarily make it pop. This means you can wear it, but it will simply be an accompanyment to your blue eyes.

I suggest checking out something like MAC Teddy or Costa Riche Kohl Liner, or MAC Brownborder Powerpoint pencil. These are, of course, just a reference and you can use them a color guide to pick out less expensive liners. I really LOVE Styli-Style liners. They range from $4.99-$5.99 each and are FANTASTIC. They last all day and don't smudge and come in an AMAZING array of colors. I highly recommend that anyone give them a try.
I think grey looks best with blue eyes.
I think brown looks great with blue eyes.
i would say black, brown, white and blue
probably green depending on the shade
If you're a blonde, wear brown, if you have dark hair go for black. The coloured eyeliners are fun but normal black and brown make your eyes look better.
navy blue

it will make your eyes look brighter because its kind of dark. but the blue shade will also play up your blueness

if you get a weird color like green

it takes the attention away from your eyes

so then people will be looking at your eyeliner instead!
Blue, grey, or navy.
Taupe or a rich brown. I like Loreal Hip Concentrated Duo (eyeshadow) in ';Shady.'; I use the lighter shade (a really nice taupe color) all over and then use the richer brown color in the crease. I then wet an angle brush and run it over the richer brown color and use it to line my eyes--- top and bottom. With the bottom I only go about half-way. Then I line the inside of my lower lashline with a white kohl liner to make me look a bit more ';fresh'; and awake. Mascara is the finishing touch... and then ';whallahhh!'; A star is born. :)鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
black, grey, and purple tend to look best on me

and i have blue eyes too

i dont really like brown, it makes my eyes look like theyre lined in red

go with a color that will blend a little with your eyelashes

but stick out a bit for your eyes to be noticable.


and a gray.
Black or dark brown or dark green but dont use purple or blue!
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