Thursday, December 10, 2009

What are good ways to define my eyes without using eyeliner?

I have hazel eyes and a beige complexion, with a light brown hair color. My makeup routine in the morning using just consists of eye shadow, lipgloss, and mascara, because eye liner looks weird on my face. I've tried using eye liner before but it always looks bad and dissapears within at least an hour. Any suggestions on ways to define my eyes without using eyeliner?What are good ways to define my eyes without using eyeliner?
i have the same problem. what i do is just put a lot of mascara or just use a lot of eye shadow. i personally prefer brown or purple shadows, it makes the eyes look bigger. if eye liner looks messed up then don't use it, and just put mascara. or you can just leave your eyes the way they are and concentrate on another part, lips for example.. but remember to always choose the right colors and stay stylish...!What are good ways to define my eyes without using eyeliner?
If you can afford it, try going to a make-up professional and get a few tips on how you can make it work.

Eye liner is usually to make small eyes look bigger or big eyes look even bigger, so if your eyes look strange and makes your face look weird, then it just may be that....

You don't have the need to wear it.
you should put either gold or pink eyeshadow all over lid and then subtle forest green in the crease and under your eye along the bottom lashes and then use black mascara and maybe curl your lashes to add oomph
brown and pink eye shadows should look good with hazel eyes!

also, if you don't like eyeliner try putting mascara on your bottom lashes!
hmmm, how about putting white liner?? in your makes ur eyes bigger ;];_ylt=AkV4D7_FXDA9p6MEp3qsB0Lsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081013153402AAQeeoW

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